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I'm thinking about joining the TA soon as a steppingstone to joining on to the regulars. I figure fitness training with these chaps would help me settle into a fitness routine i can take with me to the regulars.

I'm 19 and 6 Ft, My PFT time at the moment is about 14 mins, pathetic, but by no means unworkable. i'm about 16 stone too with mostly muscle mass rather than fat but i still find it hard to do 20 push ups or so.

Can anyone tell me the fitness reqs for the TA and if it's worth me applying now or get some training in first. Really wanna get stuck in and commited!
Also does anyone know how to actually measure 1.5 miles distance on a street? I did my time on a treadmill which really ain't the same as a road

Cheers for any help
I'm sorry to sound like a crusty old fart, but does anyone actually look at the forums, or even (God forbid) do a search before posting?

There are loads of threads on fitness, there's even a wiki page about TA fitness, and numerous threads on 'how far a mile and a half is'.

Spend ten minutes browsing the site before asking the same questions over and over.

solder_i said:
im thinkng of joing to so any advise wud be aprecated as well.

do i haveto buy my own unifrom?
Firstly, you have included far too many vowels in your post. With judicious use of the delete key you could have produced the following, which is far more concise but retains the clarity of your version:

"m thnkng f jng t s ny dvs wd b pectd s wll."

Secondly, of course you have to pay for your uniform! To make this easier, I'll PM you my bank details so you can send me the amount owed - I'll then ensure that there are no problems when you get to your unit.
Appreciate what your saying mate and i know there's lost of threads saying how to get fit etc and i did spend a few hours trawling thru arrse farts and the net looking for the answers,

however i cant find anything telling me the fitness standards for TA soldier entry at recruitment stage. I just wanna know if they are the same as regular army RSC jobbies. If any one happens to know can ya let us know? :thumleft:

I would have just rang the TA centre but they're closed for a few days
muchos gracias sixty! Thats all i needed to hear. That WalkJogRun site is fecking excellent and really freaky thing is, the lap of my estate on the main roads is exactly 3 miles long start to finish!

madness i tell thee!


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