Fitness For RSC!! HELP!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SGman4eva, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. OK time to face the truth! I'm 18, 6ft and 14 and half stone, Not fat, but built like a rugby player. My RSC is in about a month and i want to join the infantry. however im really behind with my fitness.

    I run the mile and half 5 out of 7 nights and do it in about 12 mins, a pass i think but i ideally want to be sub 10 mins for infantry and not feeling all too confident about the RSC, Improvements on my pressups and situps would be welcome

    Is there any specific training plan to help me shed 2 mins off a run time whilst building strength. Or is it worth telling the careers office that i want to postpone it again. I think i may be ok in 4 weeks but i want to do it comfortably and not struggle to meet minimum requirements so any advice would be great!

    Also does anyone know if you fail the tests at RSC do you have start your application process all over again? Cheers
  2. run faster then, dont give in, a month is a very long time, you can get much fitter in that time, run faster and if you feel tired keep going, if you've pushed yourself too hard you'll be sick! so as long as you havnt been sick, you'll be fine!

    thats what I did anyway, worked for me..
  3. Don't you have to run it in under 9 minutes for the infantry? Or am I chatting shite? :?

    I suggest Fartlek training which conssts of sprinting and jogging at short intervals, apparently it can cut your time down considerably. Among_The_Living (an ARRSE user) went from 14 minutes down to 9 minutes and 40 seconds in just over a week. Try not to push yourself to hard, thus causing an injury and also concentrate on upper body strength aswel as this is obviously equally important. However you've got a month so I wouldn't worry.

    Best of luck
  4. OK here we go, you are obviousley a big chap. You have to complete the run in under 12:45 for infantry, although coming in over 12mins is looked at quite closley. Dont postpone have 4 weeks to train, also when you are there your adrenilin will kick in on the run which may cut the time down. As for a programme, your recruiter would have giving you a publication called "Fit for the Army" which helps with all aspects of fitness over a six week programme which is very good for somebody who has not done any fiz, you on the other hand have been training and i fear you may be underestimating your self. As or running under 10mins............thats something you will be able to achieve at ITC in training.

    Be positive and confident and you will be fine.

    Good Luck
  5. Ok thanks people, have dug out the Fit For The Army booklet. I did try this a bit earlier on but i had trouble doing it every day because of work commitments. (Cant wait to leave that place lol) I've managed to sort my hours out now so i can train before 2:00 am!

    I understand now the way its training program works so i'll stick at it! As for RSC we'll have to wait and see...
  6. Right, hope this helps:
    Eat lots of Pasta, meat, etc. high protein foods.
    Also for the 1.5 mile run you need to do a training called continuous, unless you are planning to try and sprint the 1.5 mile run. Don't do a 1.5 mile run, do a 12 min run, and then see how far you go, you will improve slightly for the first week or so and then increase it every week/ couple of days to 13 or 14 mins, and your weekly improvements will become more apparent. Also press ups use your triceps, so dont bother doing wieghts and thinking it'll improve your press ups, different muscle groups. Start with 4 or 5 sets, of 10 press ups a day then increase the number of press ups each set by 1 so your doing 5 sets of 11 and buils on it until you can bang off 20-30 in less than a min, then instead of sets, spaced throughout the day, do 1 min of press ups twice day, finally when you have becme able to do 40 ish without stopping (probably about 3 mins) work on your time, so go quickly. As for sit ups do the same as press ups but probably more each set, i.e. start with 3 sets per day (as these muscles become more fatigued from continuous use) but do 20 - 30 each set.
    By the way.... there is no point doing any running until you heart rate is in its optimum zone. THe way to work out yuor optimum zone is by doing this: 220 - age = x = you maximum ever heart rate should be. then work out 60% and 80% of you max heartrate, and in between 60% and 80% is you optimum training zone. So only run when your heart rate is in its optimum training zone, or your training will have little or no effect to your muscular edurance, and muscular strength, whitch is what you are working on mainly.

    Also don't forget do do a warm up (to get your body into its optimum training zone, and also to strtch your muscles and ligaments, i.e. 2 min jog and 2 mins of stretches.. 20 seconds per limb.)

    Even more imptortantly don't forget to do a warm-down. otherwise you will be damaging your muscles, and tearing overlapping ligaments and muscles. basically, the aching pain you get in muscles after exercise is carbon dioxide, and lactic acid, do stretches to get rid of these and also the aching you get thje next morning are muscle fibres you have torn and they overlap when rejoining i.e. pain and shorter muscles and weaker ones too. so stretch for about 40 seconds each limb, after exercise.

    P.S. Fartleck training: fartleck is sweedish for speedplay, however it does not improve your speed, it improves your sporting fitness, i.e. you run for 100mtrs jog for 60, sprint, for 10, run for, 35, walk, for 10, run for 70, etc. you get the picture...randomize.... because in say a rugby match you are never constatntly running, or for example rugby match doesn't last for 12 seconds continuously sprinting.

    P.P.S there are also other methods of training such as sprint tests, illinois run for agility resistance, wieght training, circuit training, etc.... they each improve a different area of fitness, so if you want to improve your overall upper body strength, then you should find out more about resistance (i.e. wieght) training.

    P.P.P.S I'm not making this shite up.. I know it from doing GCSE Physical studies, diet, and education, and its from an eximining board called edexel. check a website if you think im talking poop.

    Hope this helps, good luck,.. and let us know how you get on!
  7. Hi guys where could I get a copy of that Fit For the army book?
  8. Army Careers office.