Fitness for Phase 1 assessment?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondered if a few of you knowledgable guys could assess my current fitness program for phase 1 ( i start in about 5 weeks) and tell me what you think, whether it's too much, just right or not enough.

    I've kept 3 rest days because in the offical army bookelt I got after selection, it's lists 3 rest days of a 7 day week so thats why I keep to that.

    Mon- 1.5 Mile run, Press up's/Sit up's to fatigue
    Tue- Gym (1.5 hours) resistance training
    wed-complete burn out session of sit up's/press up's
    Thu-Gym (1.5 hours) resistance training
    fri- 1.5 mile run, press up's/sit up's to fatigue

    what do you think?

    im debating on 3 1.5 mile runs a week, what do you think, much more benifit doing 3 a week than 2?


    current standard of consecutive press ups is about 25-30

  2. Why don't you change one of your runs to a longer one? From what I recall you have an excellent run time, so try some more endurance for a change!
  3. Well whats your 1.5 time? By looking at your pressups and situps looks as though you need to build your upper body strength up, try doing 20 pressups everytime you go for a piss. This can be a very effective way of training, especially if you have bladder problems.
  4. Whats his run time?
  5. It was 8 something.
  6. my usual 1.5 mile run includes a couple of hills, it usually is between 9:45 and 10 mins

    My run at ADSC Lichfield was 8:25, and im not trying my absolute hardest on the runs at home i do but yeh my running in pretty good, but you're right i need to improve on press up's, my only weak point, im not built like a brick shitehouse unfortunatly

  7. Good runtime, try and incorporate a long run into your training though. You should start by doing 4 miles on a sunday and increasing it a mile every sunday. I really hurt my calfs(crap streching) on my long run of 10 miles on sunday though, so be careful. It would probaly be best for you to stick to running no more than 5 miles, so you don't get injured before you go in.

    No need to be built like a shithouse, if you can do 60+ pressups in a go then your ok. I did 53 in a minute, yet to time myself for 2 minutes, but doubt I would be able to do 106 in two minutes.
  8. Why don't you just go for time. Aim for a minimum 20 min run and increase this everyweek. I'm sure you know, distance will come.
  9. yer thanks for the advice so per week it will be twice to the gym for an hour and half of resistance training

    2 1.5 mile runs

    and 1 3-4 mile slowly increasing it

    that combined with a maximum effort press up's/sit up's on monday, wednesday, friday, sunday

    somebody told me to do them every other day, what do you people think?, ok to do press up's max out x3 or so every day or every other day for recovery?

  10. Do it this way

    Maximum amount of pressups
    divide by 3
    do 1/3 in the morning, 1/3 in the afternoon, 1/3 at night
    Your PB will increase each week.
  11. just to add like people have said i dont want to burn myself out, but to be at a good standard of fitness for when i start my phase 1.