Fitness First

I sent a letter to FF on September to end my membership. Now I'm getting sorry sir we did not get it and you are late with your payment. Has any one else had trouble leaving FF? :twisted:

And now for the NAAFI bit...... Fvcking cvnts the lot of them!
Watchdog did a peice on the them from rejecting peoples letters to terminate to changing their memebership length on FF copies of the customers contracts. They have a habit of pressing for more money and then sending your file to debt collectors.

Sorry for the bad news! FF are the worst.

If they want more money out of me then I will just dump a massive pile of 1p's in their gym.

Branch Manager seems to be sorting it out. Will let you know.

I'll be buggered if I join another gym, I feel safer signing up to the local council run next time.
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