Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Shark-41, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. OK, I'm new, forgive me...

    I'm a lazy, fat ba$tard in the need for some hints and pointers (good ones please), to help me get out of the couch and start exercising again. Used to be Navy (hence the weight problem), but am now free to train/exercise whenever I want (in the evenings of course, since I do work too).

    Sooo, do anyone have a method or trick that will get me in the proper mood reasonably swift, without me getting pissed off, and quitting again? So any takers?

    Shark-41 :oops:
  2. Can recommend 'Fighting Fit' by Adrian Weal..........its not to bad and has helped quite a bit.
  3. Like you I have also retired (about 4 years ago) and watching the postings here seems like not much has reallychanged then, not that I really expected it to. NBut as for your question I was in the same boat put on a bit of wheight and found that most of my eveings were either commuting to/from work or working late. In the end I took up golf - used to hate it never liked to watch it, but now am completely hooked, give it a try; gets you out, and well as they say - meet new and interesting people, plus the 19th is always an option and it's nowhere near as expensive or exclusive as it used to be.
  4. In my experience relying on your 'mood' is not a great bet.
    I suspect already in the past you have tried working very hard for a short time then have become 'pissed off' and then soon 'quit' each time.
    It's possibly a lifestyle change that's required here? So one step at a time...Make a decision, a commitment, not dependant on your mood or how you are feeling (unless unwell of course) to do some form of exercise for about 45 minutes on a few days a week....mix it varied activities that you mostly enjoy, be it walking, swimming, football, tennis, cycling, running....Joining a gym may help you stay focussed.
    Keep a training diary so you can chart your progress.
    Drink plenty of water (probably more than you think) and make sure your diet is well balanced and advice over this if you are unsure.
    A Health check up with your GP may be in order before you start.
    Have a target that you would like to it jog on a fun run in the autumn or swim a mile at Christmas or climb Everest the year after next...and mini targets with small rewards along the way.
    Don't set unrealistic targets for yourself; just increase the duration and toughness of your workouts slowly and aim to keep finding new ways of exercising that you do actually enjoy.
    The idea is to make physical activity a normal part of your day/week and new lifestyle...not an intensive ordeal.
    Enjoy and good luck!
  5. Doris said;

    ?????? Very little. Please ignore as this poster has no info of any use to give.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Ooooh ! Fitness tips from Doris/BB !

    Hope the Himalaya trip is going well......

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. ..which actually Flash is a bit more than you do when you waggle your joystick!!!!
  8. Some sound advice :D

    In my experience you need to want to get fit(ter). Its like giving up smoking, or to stop drinking as much, you have to mentally want to do it rather than just peer preasure (though it can help if done in the right way)

    but a change in life style is the key.. cycle to work, or walk to the shops etc...

    I had an over weight friend a few yewars ago, and was advised by his doctor to lose weight.

    My advice to him was to find a local park/walking route.

    for the first few weeks, walk it every day...

    as he found it easier, start walking faster between lamposts, then normal pace for a few, then pick up speed again..

    slolwy the faster walk at my encouragement became a gentle jog and the res tof the route a fast walk...

    within months he was running the whole ~2 mile route....

    When i last saw him, he was training for a 1/2 marathon!

  9. I find sex is a great way to lose weight. Once she gets off the top of you, you feel less heavy. Plus, it burns loads of calories, you are always in the mood for it, its fun, you can do it on your own but is better with a willing assistant, you can do it whilst your pissed, you can vary your training partner, you don't need loads of kit either. :oops:
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    I don't think that website has worked for 2 years now...

  11. msr

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  12. OK Ladies and Gent's!

    Thanks for some great advice!
    Some more info on Self;
    I am 29 years old, 250 lbs, FAT and quit smoking 3 months ago (cold turkey, and no, there are no cravings).

    The link submitted by HVM_Boy is exactly what I was looking for, specifically the SEAL work up plan. The reason is this, It starts reasonably gentle, and builds me up, without me having to starve!

    I am by no means aming to rejoin the service, but I do want my reasonably fit and slim frame back. Now, AS mentioned I have done this EXERCISE AND QUIT routine so many times it's not even funny, but I am determined to do this, and I am highly motivated!

    I currently work as a Helicopter pilot in Canada, and it would be conducive to a long career in aviation to become fit, and loose weight.
    I have stamina for going distances, although slow, but I hope the 'programme' will help increase my level of fitness.

    And the best part, I knew this was the right place to ask the question!

    Cheers everybody! :D
  13. Actually some more comments,

    My diet today is probably better than it used to be, not so much fast food, although I still love the occasional beer and chips...

    And I figure if I can get into the routine of exercising regularily, without changing my diet, I should be able to loose some weight as well, any pointers on that? :?: