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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Xoums, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick word on fitness preparation, I just tried out a BMF class ( British military fitness ). I walked in really cocky and confident since I consider myself pretty fit, and well I am. Yet I have to say it knocked the cockiness straight out of me. Although I had just done a two hour boxing training session just before the class and was a little tired from that, I thought the class was really difficult and challenging and would recommend it to anyone that needs or has been advised to work on their phys.
  2. Thanks mate. maybe you are just unfit?
  3. yea most probably. Thanks.
  4. Which level? I assume you did the hardest session.
  5. I second Xoums - I have been doing British Military Fitness since last August and it has made a massive difference to my fitness. I do three sessions a week in the top group, along with a couple of 5 mile runs.

    The exercises you do are really relevant - lots of upper body stuff, sit ups, sprints, log carries, stretcher races etc. If you are looking to get in shape for AOSB or Sandhurst I can't recommend it highly enough.
  6. I might try and get on a few classes all going to plan next week.

    On a complete aside. I tested my long jump this morning and I'm about 50cm short of the 3m point.

    As this is a fitness thread, what technique do people tend to have?
    I'm thinking as I'm doing it on a hard floor and not sand, I'm landing on my feet. When in the sand I will be throwing both feet forward and landing on my backside, as such the momentum from that leg being pull forward should make up the distance.
  7. It might be worth noting that at my Main Board it was emphasised that we only had to land with our feet over the line - i.e. it doesn't matter if you then fall back onto your arse.

    My "top tip" is when you're given your 2 minutes to stroll around the obstacles before undertaking the course, go straight over to the long jump and stride out your run-up, so as to ensure you've got a starting point in mind which will allow you to take off from your favoured foot without stuttering.
    Best of luck at AOSB.
  8. Thanks for the review Xoums, I'd previously dismissed these classes. Perhaps it's something worth looking into before September.
  9. Thanks for the feedback.
    I thought a similar approach to this would easily get me the extra 50 cm.

    I just need to go for it. Practising on some sand over the weekend might be a good idea as well me thinks.
  10. You only managed 2.5m?
    Are you sure of your measurements?
    I can manage that from a standing long jump.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I can see into the future.

    I see Ian1983 shuffling from his grotty bedsit into his morale sapping cubicle in some grey out of town business park. Once at his desk, he moves the Action Man toy from the top of his monitor to stare at the two black marks roughly Biro'd onto the back of his cubicle, 50cm apart.

    He starts to mutter to himself...." I wasn't that far short. I nearly made it. Why didn't they let me have another go? I could have made a good officer, honestly I could....."

    He is woken from his mutterings by the boss reminding him that the photocopier needs more A5 paper, and coffee, white, one would go down nicely.
  12. Point taken.

    Worrying over the small things is not exactly becoming.

    Nerves and all that.

    On a side note- I never did have any action men toys when younger. I might buy one. Do they come with a SA 80 attachment or is that extra?

    edit- The Duke, if on your next future visit you happen to catch some lottery numbers on the tv or in the newspaper, by all means let me know.

    edit 2
    I had completed a row burpee conditioning session as well so my legs were slightly fatiqued.

    Either way as The Duke pointed out so well, I'm letting myself get overwhelmed by stupid little things.
  13. You may be over thinking it matey. As long as you're reasonably agile and fit you should fly over that distance, ditto the hurdles. On the day if you're thinking "ok, got to think about technique - right foot, left foot, launch etc." you're probably more likely to foul it up than if you just chuck yourself at it full tilt.
  14. Easily, its not even exceptional, most rugby players can standing jump more than that.
    What sort of weight are you?
  15. About 83kg, 5' 11.

    My usual 1.5 mile time is 8 min 50 and I used to squat about 120kg for 5's so I have an ok ratio in regards to cardio ability and leg strength.
    As The Duke pointed out though I'm concerning myself over stupid little things so won't concern myself and just go full tilt on the day.

    Thanks for the feedback though sandmanfez.