Fitness Diary???

Hey all, I have been on this site site many a time before but never actually registered because if i have had any questions i have always found the answers.
However, i now have a question and was hoping i could get some advise from people who know a bit more than me.

I applied for the army back in sep08 and then managed to break my hand in nov08. I had to have K-Wires inserted and was then told by my recruiting officer they would not accept me for at least a year after surgery but if i made a 3 month fitness diary they may consider letting me go for selection early.

I was just curious if anyone would know exactly what the docs would be looking for as it is coming to the end of the 3 month period. I'm a member of British military fitness and the lead instructor said he will write an accompying letter to say iv been doing that with no problems, have completed the 10k team commando challange (and came 2nd!) and am going to the paras for an insight course.

Is there anything particular i should be including as my recruiting sarg isnt that helpful

Any advise/tips would be hugely appriciated.

Hello pal, when i sent of my RG8 i got a phone call to say i had to do a 3 month fitness diary, which i found out later when at ADSC was because i had tendititous 10 years ago (aged 11). I wrote up a 3 month fitness diary that night, sent it off and got my RG8 about 1 week later.

I would say just do a diary on excel with all running you do, any gym work you do, swimming, circuits then explain on word what type of circuits you do.

Just make sure as it is your hand that they are going to be intrested in, you should ensure you write allot of workouts which include your hand, like press ups and weights etc.

1 last thing when you get your RG8 cleared and you go to ADSC when you are getting your medical, she will be asking you allot of stuff about your hand 'do you ever feel it hurt' and what exercises you do on it' keep it simple, say that you don't feel any pain and it just as strong as before you broke it and explain to her that you do allot of press ups and weights on it without pain.

Good luck mate, im sure you will be fine!

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