fitness day?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fecto, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I am a bit confused about something.

    I sent all my medical stuff back to the recruitment centre then heard nothing for a while so I gave them a ring. My recruiter was on leave so I spoke to some one else. He said that the next fitness day was at the end of this month and that I should receive a letter a couple weeks before hand.

    That would mean that I should have got the letter last week which I didn't, so I rang my recruiter today. He said "okay let me just check you on the computer a second... Yes the it is on the 26th of this month and I will get a letter sent out to you." Oh great I thought but I was at work and before I had time to ask anything else a customer came so I had to end the call.

    Now I am wondering why I didn't get a letter in the first place and what even is the fitness day? Surely it cannot be the 2 day selection course, would they leave me less than a week to arrange time off work, sort travel arrangements prepare for the interview and icebreaker ect...?

    Did anyone do a fitness day before the selection centre?
  2. How did we manage in the days before the internet?

    Phone your AFCO, they have all the answers.
  3. You waited for the postman?
  4. I seem to recall doing some pull ups and push ups in the Recruiting office

    Then the RSigs recruiting Sgt examined our gleaming, sweaty young bodies
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  5. It sounds like your PRE-ADSC, to see if you are ready to carry on with the application.

    You should do a 1.5 mile run and possibly Jerry can and bag lifts, possibly your icebreaker.
  6. but I'm curious nooooooooooooooow and the AFCO is closed.

    Thanks for replies
  7. They're to prove you're fit enough to continue to selection. You go to a nearby base, do a warm up, 2.4k run, Jerry can carry and possibly a few of you will do an ice breaker, that you're not assessed on. Nothing to worry about, unless you're painfully unfit, that is.
  8. Ah okay, kinda looking forward to it then. I did the run in 10 mins today but am sure I could squeeze out a 9:30-9:45 under pressure. I also lug a water container which is much heavier than 20kg 250 meters every morning for work with 1 arm, so I should be fine :)
  9. Good for you, don't worry too much.
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