Fitness day? Urgent

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dantum, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. Hello again.

    Got my barb done and dusted on wednesday with 85% . At the end of the test I had a quick chat with the recruitment officer(i think) and was asked to come to a fitness day on monday (i.e tomorrow) So anyway I agreed to this and arranged yet another day of work!

    Anyway just had a rather heated discussion with my boss as i no longer have the day off (and he doesnt know I'm joining up)

    So question is, how vital is this fitness day?

    Can I re schedule it (expected to start training in sep, all going well)?

    Should I bin my job and focus 100% (not a good idea, but trying to get a total of at least 8 days off between now and sep is going to be difficult without raising questions)

    I had never heard of it before (apparently its to get a 2.4km runtime from me before booking my int 2 and pre adsc). It is apparently at one of 2 local bases and involves the run and then some sport or whatever they have organised...
  2. Cancelling on the day is not a great idea...
  3. I know, it was today whilst out on a shoot that my boss decided to bring it up (even though he decided on friday) I'm now thinking of a way to bunk off work for the day (never done it before =-( so a difficult one especially with all the other time of I'll be needing in the next 4 or 5 weeks)
  4. Here's an idea, PHONE THE RECRUITER!!! Holy Jebus!
  5. What on a Sunday evening? I would have liked to have been able to find out if it is a "just out of interest" or a "be there or youre f*****" thing, so I could either call and re-arrange or come up with a devious plan to get out of work
  6. Not that I condone bunking off, but saying you have food poisoning and cant stop evacuating is a good way to get someone off your case...
  7. I dont mind skiving this once as joining up is way more important to me than my job at the moment, however When I do take the day off tomorrow, he will put two and two together (pretty obvious I had plans until he cancelled my day off etc) I wish he was as thick as he is lazy!
  8. The best thing you can do is call your recruiter and explain the situation to him first thing on Monday morning. Your fitness day is probably something that takes place at least once a week if not fortnightly (it sounds like a local affair) and I would imagine you can pretty easily be re-booked on the next one.

    Or just tell your boss that you made important plans and that people are relying on you to turn up.

    Out of interest, where do you get the idea that you will start training in September from. If you haven't attended ADSC yet, it will literally take a miracle for you to get in on that intake. Assuming of course you're going infantry which afaik has the shortest wait times.
  9. It is infantry that I'm going, I'm just going by what the officer at the afco said (apparently there are 79 spaces to be filled for the next intake for the regiment that I chose and they are trying to fill it asap)
  10. How did anyone actually manage to join the Army before the internet existed to guide us every step of the way?
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  11. If it were up to me there would only be two recruitment offices.

    One at the top of Ben Nevis and the other at Snowdon, only open in winter when the railway is not running.
  12. May I just say categorically 100% you ain't getting in for September if you have only just don't your barb in the past week. By fitness date are you referring to Pre-ADSC ?

    I'm sorry my post may come across hard but I'm trying to be as realistic & honest as possible.
  13. Fixed that for you!
  14. **** off you miserable old **** lol
  15. I refer you to a previous post, I am merely middle-aged with a lot of spare time on my hands!!!