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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pips, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. I imagine I am not alone on this. Being an Adjt at a TA Inf Bn, I am not in stricking distance (11 Miles) of a Bn/Garrison Gym. Therefore we all have to go out and find private gyms in order to fulfill our requirements to reamain physically fit. I'm currently paying £350 a year on membership, which is a good deal, but I'm sure there are others out there (MOD etc) that are paying a damn sight more.
    As expected I have been fobbed off by Bde as to personal funding etc.

    Does anyone know if there is any form of claim out there. Go on the RAO staff - help us out on this one!!
  2. Maybe if you had approached Bde and said that your soldiers needed the funding rather than attempting to get your own nose in the trough first you might have received a more sympathetic reaction.

    Your RFCA will almost certainly be willing to equip your TACs with gym equipment from the Establishment Grant provided it is your soldiers who will be the principal beneficiaries.
  3. It would see that you know a little about the TA (with regard to RFCAs), so you will aslo know that we have very few Reg soldiers in the unit.

    Equiping a TA Centre does not work - have tried that and they need to be maintained and monitired, kit replaced etc. No one to do it. They also never get used - TA soldiers do not have time to use the gym on the one night a week they come in. Anyway, most of them are in Iraq!!!

    Finally, being the diligent chap I am, I would make sure that if I was to strike it lucky, I would make damn sure that all in my unit would benefit. It was the main reason I posted the thread, as one of the SNCOs came to me to investigate!! So, less of the 'nose in the trough remarks'!
  4. Yes it does - although they certainly do need to be maintained and monitired etc - might I suggest PSI? They get used by those who want to - you clearly do, so where's the problem?.

    Mine worked extremely well eventually once RFCA recovered all the kit that RHQ decided was too good for the TA so forgive me if I was a little brusque but your post looked wrong on so many levels. Glad to hear your intent is to look after the boys after all.
  5. My TAC has a gym to which we're welcome to attend any time during the week..

    ..Not that anyone does, like. :p
  6. Pips,

    The TA Manning Implementation Plan (currently Draft) indicates an aspiration to either equip all TA Centres with a gym, or authorise funding gym memberships to personnel where this is not possible.

    Knowing the way things work this probably won't happen soon enough to solve your problem, but at least the issue has been recognised at a senior level. We keep complaining that the TA are not fit enough, but give them no support to get fit.

    As a regular you have a huge advantage in that your boss will not question why you should spend your lunch hour running rather than working. Most TA don't have that advantage, so it is understandable why your question may have raised some hackles.

    Why aren't you out running anyway? Are you some sort of nancy? :D :D :D
  7. Our unit provide a quarter days pay per week for those that can prove (receipts) that they have attended a gym. If you have a Captain on x amount per day then a quarter days pay over a month will surely cover your gym payment.

    And as Paoli said, it costs bugger all to go running round your local park.
  8. ^Devilish, I like that idea. Over and above fitness levels, is it having a measurable impact on better retention?
  9. Something has recently come out that we can join a local gym that will give a print out of time spent there. You can then claim some? of the time spent there. However, your fitness does have to improve.

    Don't know if this is a Bde thing or TA wide.
  10. We had a room full of fitness eqpmt at my TAC , its all now gone apart from a few mats and medicine balls, the reason was simple , no one could maintain it

    i like to run myself
  11. Hard to determine really. We (as a sqn) have no problem with retention anyway. It certainly put a smile on the old and bolds faces when the policy came in. We currently have 20+ recruits on the books (at sqn level) all at varying stages of training, time will tell if it is having an impact on retention.
  12. Devlish's plan is a good one for the TA, but won't help Pips much. IIRC regulars don't get extra pay in that manner.

    However, Abacus' point is well made. You can probably get gym kit through the system from whatever TAVRA calls itself these days. If you're the adj, dick someone for the job of looking after it.
  13. Why do you need to go to a gym to get fit? you have arms and legs surely, or is it that you need to be looking at totty to get motivated? :D

    If the Army wanted you to go and train in a nice clean gym then it would make it easier for you to get there, as it is they expect you to maintain a level of fitness, thats up to you how you do it, yes i agree that in a Regiment a gym is common place but that is mainly for structured PT lessons, however it isnt difficult to pound some tarmac and do some pressups etc.

    The gym is a luxury (for some :D ) but not having one doesnt mean that you cant remain in shape without money ;)
  14. On a side note we also have a fully functioning gym in the TAC and if you attend that gym the PSAO will still give you the quarter days pay.(as long as he's seen you in attendance of course).
  15. Yeh, and it's about the size of a cupboard :lol: