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Originally had my Briefing booked for mid-September but as I had selected the option to do one earlier if they became available I received an email this afternoon asking if I'd like to attend one next weekend (2/3 July) so a lot earlier than I had planned! The original plan was September Briefing and then MB and PCCCBBBBCCCCBBBCC all in good time for a May '12 intake. In some ways then an earlier Briefing would be ideal as I could theoretically perhaps fit in everything in time for the January intake and at 24 I'm not getting any younger!

Now I'm not too concerned with the mental aspects/current affairs/SDT calculations of the Briefing. I am majorly concerned about my cardiovascular fitness however. Although I'm big and strong and generally quite healthy, since I left Uni two years ago, and with it high-level rugby, I let my run times unwittingly drop (Yes Ich Bin Slow B***ard). Although I've started working on my runs again at this stage I'm just about pushing 11 minutes on my 1.5 mile, on a good day . . . This does not bode well for the bleep test . . .

So my question is whether or not I should take up the offer of the earlier briefing? My thinking at the moment is that I give it a go and just run the MSFT until I drop. Worst case scenario, assuming everything else is grand, I get a Cat 2 (with delay for phys) and am pretty much where I would be if did Briefing in September. Best case scenario I pass and gives me enough time to squeeze in MB before end of September.

I need to move quickly on this as the places are first-come, first serve and I imagine they're snapped up like gold dust :nod:

I'm going to ring my ACA first thing tomorrow morning for his advice anyway but opinions from those in the know and with experience is always welcome!
Why don't you download the bleep test onto your iPod (easily done by a Google search), go to the park and give it a go between two jumpers 20m apart, which will either provide you with some reassurance or tell you that you should hold off until later in the year.
If you fail the bleep test you would probably only get a three month phys delay I would expect...if you are ok on the other sections off briefing and get to at least a reasonable level on it. That would speed up your process a bit, as it would probably take three months to book onto board anyway.

Has any one been given a six month delay for failing the bleep test?
Would you really want to leave AOSB Briefing with anything less than 10.2? I was a bit embarrassed when people were dropping out, huffing and puffing, at level 9.
Well I just did it on a carpark near my house (20 metres there abouts but I erred on the conservative site with my tape measurer so it may have been slightly longer) and iPod in hand, with a slight incline, got to 9, just about. So probably a long shot to suggest that the competitive element at Briefing will drag me up to 10.2?

Would you really want to leave AOSB Briefing with anything less than 10.2? I was a bit embarrassed when people were dropping out, huffing and puffing, at level 9.
Yes you see this is my dilemma! I want to crack on ASAP but I don't want to show myself up at Briefing and frankly I agree with you anything less than 10.2 is embarrasing. For somebody who once upon a time was known for great fitness it's frustrating but I think I just need to spend a couple of months of hard work to get back to my old self.
No time like the present.

If you have the opportunity and you would like too then go for it.

If the bleep test is all your worried about then you dont really need to worry.

Smash everything else, then on the bleep test just tell yourself not to quit. All in the mind for the bleep test. If you can get to level 9, then you should push a 10.2 on the day!

Good luck
10.2 isn't hard chubbs, just get running like **** from now until briefing then and on the day adrenaline will get you through.
As expected 2-6 Phys but it wasn't the bleep test in the end it was those damn hurdles on the assault course! Although my technique left a lot to be desired; instead of running and perhaps jumping square on I was caught half way between a scissor jump and just falling over so after I crashed through them on the third attempt the GL just told me to go away and work on my agility!

On a positive note he said I was a dead cert. Cat 1 based on everything else!
They're just above waist height on me but it really is all about technique. There were guys in my group no more than 5'8" who completed them no problem whereas I failed to get my 6'2" frame over properly.


I'm about 5 9 and I'm a great wee hurdler. Lol had no problem with them or the wall. One bit of advice though, when you get over the wall and have to jump on the stand to then swing across the rope, pay attention to the gopping big red bar that you're not allowed to put your foot over before you jump. They'll make you do it again and it'll do your time a bit of harm. :)
download the bleep test online, test yourself, if you pass there you go stop stressing and go.
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