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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by dartaro, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello i am torn between two books

    The Para Fitness
    The Royal Marines Fitness

    I Dont want to join the paras or the marines just normal infantary. Im just wondering if anybody knows which has the best information
  2. What are you actually training for? I've a mate who wastes money on shit like this and is still one of the, shall we say, unfittest members of the coy (despite his claims of physical perfection). Save your money and buy neither. If you really need help on what to do to get fit speak with a personal trainer at a gym.

    If you don't have access to a gym then flick through any fitness based magazine (online or in a newsagent) for ideas. Failing that use the search function.

  3. When i first started training i used this one Para Fitness and Training Guide (General Military): Sam McGrath: Books

    However to be honest after a while it gets a bit tedious. The British Army one is practically identical too so don't make the mistake i did and waste money on that one. I'm going in infantry to R ANG hopefully. All i do now is 5 days of running a week and two rest days spread through the week. Of them 5 days, 3 will be interval training, so sprint for a minute jog for 1 and so on and so on till you can't do anymore. And the 2 other runs will be slow paced longer jaunts of 3-4 miles or so. On top of that do press ups and sit ups every other day. Use this website one hundred push ups might sound bone but i went from being able to do about 10 pushups to 50+ in a couple of months. Trust me when i say you don't need a book its just more distracting. Also find some motivation to do that excercise every day. For instance my motivation is i ******* hate my current job so imagine i'm running away from that and onto better things - the army. Might sound silly but just my two cents.