fitness bits minimum levels at ADSC to go to Phase 1 Basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    Just trying to get a bit more information on what the fitness requirements are at the ADSC, I haven't got to that stage yet but I will hopefully soon as.

    I know you have to do the mile and half in 10:30 or under and do 8 pull up's so you bring your chin upto hand level, I'm not too bad at either of them, especially the run!

    my weakness is my push up's and sit up's, what's the minimum required and what's the time limit

    I'm not too good at either at the moment, but I'm still training on these as far as I realistically can, I'd just like to know what the minimum action/time limit are for them.


  2. alrite mate. yer i was t ADSC bout 6 weeks ago. itis basically unfailable.... when i was there i did not have to do any sit up or press up's(apart from the 5 you do in the medical). a lad there managed 2 chin ups, and done the run in 11.28 he managed to pass. so realy mate nothing to worry about. althought give it your best as you are accesed straight away by the report that is wrote about you. when you to ATR bassingbourn etc.. so make it count

    its basically exactly same as the video.. without all the fit totty there...

    being you are are 22 you should find this all pretty easy...
  3. You saw the same video as me then! haha was strictly male at pirbright. I didn't do any pressups or situps either, and the time you need on the run depends on what you want to join..which is? You'll be fine though mate just keep your mouth shut and enjoy it!

  4. Well you're up very late young man.
    For a BPFA you must do 44 sit ups and 44 pressups. You get two minutes for each of those. Practice every morning when you get up, do as much as you can, dont bother to time yourself just do as many in 1 go as you can. Do press ups 1st as that is the order of the test. You will soon build up to the requirement quickly enough. 8 pull ups is fine but keep practicing or you will loose it. Your fitness level seems pretty good to start with if youre telling the truth so dont worry.
  5. Pullups is Chest-to-Bar mate, not chin to hand, it wont count unless you fully lock your arms at the bottom and chest touches the beam at the top. Run is pish as long as you train hard - fail to train and you train to fail or something like that anyway. Pushups and situps is done in the "PT Session" on your first evening there, however this isnt "scored" as such, but effort is noted.
  6. You don't do any press ups and you don't do any pull ups. The pass time for the run is 12:00 but this does goes up/down dependant on what job you're after.

    There is no minimum requirement for the pull ups either, it's all on best effort. I passed with 17 but another passed with falling off before he'd even done one - point was we both tired our absolute f'ing hardest.

    The two biggest, and pretty much only, thing people fail on are the medical and the PSO interview.

    You WILL be watched every minute you're there, and scrutinised extremely closely - as long as you go with the right attitude is and you're medicaly sound then you'd have to be extremely patheticly weak to fail.

    And if you don't know what 'the right attitude' is, don't join the Army.
  7. i only managed 7 pull ups, but it was pretty soon after i buggered my shoulder, when i tried the other day i could only manage 5 :(

    so i started doing kinda pull ups but not real ones, on the parallel bars in the park, just to get the muscles working again, everything else iv improved on... just those damn chin ups.
  8. I'm in the same boat. My run time is coming down every time and the pull ups im ok at sit ups i can kick out pretty easy but push ups i suck at big time. But i done a fitness test yesterday and done 40 in 2mins which was pretty good but i was f**ked after (I did the 40 in sets of ten each time). But i no my weakness and every time i get up to go do something i make sure i knock out 10 push ups.
  9. Just to clarify....If you're sweating blood after the run and you will pass. (unless you stop or walk at any point). However the PT staff will look at you sideways if you dont get the stated time for you chosen Arm. Heaves to the beam are best effort, doesnt matter what you get (dunno about the Para's though).

    Its the interview you have to worry about, make sure you wear at least a collar and tie and shoes, a suit would be better. I did my selection with a couple of mongs who wore trainers to their interview! I you fail the medical make sure you appeal! Good luck.

    Edited to include PFT scores (which you dont even have to worry about till Phase 2) Anyone under 30 its 44 press ups in two minutes, 50 sit up in 2 minutes and 1.5 mile run in 10:30 mins.
  10. mate if it's for junior entry 14.00 mins run you could almost walk that.
    if it's adult entry your regemint will have it's own run time my cut of time for the infantry was 10.45 but i did it in 10.2 with not much practice and i was junior and there were some phys biffs and they still passed no worrys
  11. Can we not get some sort of sticky with the minimums on? This thread appears every three days or so...

    I'd be happy to do the research and get the minimums etc. for the sticky if that helps?

  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    FFS it was not that long ago that you did 1.5miles in 14 as a warmup immediately before doing another 1.5miles in under 10.30

    Irrelevant to how much standards get relaxed and the reasons why, one thing remains the same - it is a personal fitness test.

    Make your own standard, I believe the current phrase is "Be all you can be".
  13. I'm currently a scaley STAB, but have decided to go for the regs. I'm 22, and i'm off to ADSC end of this month. I almost shat myself when I saw pull-ups on the agenda, as i'm legendarily sh!te at them. Press-ups and sit-ups aren't a problem, and I can push out my mile and a half in around 9:50. Is this good enough for RAC? I know I can improve once i'm in and everything, and i'm training pretty hard at the moment but would like some reassurance!


  14. You don't get assessed on Press-ups/Sit-ups. And the pull-ups is a best effort event - do as many as you can and make sure the effort you're putting in shows. It's not something to worry about.
  15. on
    Wicked, cheers for that Goon! I've got no problem with giving 110%, this is the job i really want!