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Could anyone enlighten me as to what the fitness programme at RMAS entails? By this I mean type of activities, distances/durations and rate of progression? Reason for the interest is partly curiosity and obsessive need to prepare down to the last detail (sad b*****d?). Cheers!

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(Yorkshire accent).....not as hard as it was in my day; we had to get up before we went to bed, walk 100 miles t' Churchill Hall in bare feet, work 40 hour days on nobbut a handful of cold gravel.. and pay the CSgt for the privilege. But you tell youngsters that, and they don't believe you, etc. etc.
[Lancashire accent]Gravel? Gravel?? Ooooh, many were the night ah lay awake dreamin o' gravel. We done 'undred mile tab in' barbed wire underpants wi' 'undred pound o' sharp rocks balanced on' 'ead. And if we dropped but one, Colour Sarn't'd kick us in' nadgers wi' boots covered wi' broken glass an' that were on' weekend... [/Lankashire accent]

But seriously, it's a steady state build up from day one, with concentration on both long-distance/high weight tabbing and shorter, faster runs. The culmination of my course's fitness regime was the Sandhurst Fitness Test, which (back then - probably easier these days...) was a two mile squadded run with helmet, rifle and - I think - 10lbs webbing, followed by the assault course (still squadded) followed by a four mile best effort run, having ditched helmet, rifle and webbing. I might have the distances wrong. It felt a lot longer, but as I managed to do it twice, ti can't have been that hard...

In my day your empty 58 webbing weighed 10 lbs if it got rained on!
but as I managed to do it twice, it can't have been that hard!
I take it you were back termed then!


My vague memory of the Sandhurst CFT - circa 1985 - is 2 miles in 58 pattern CEMO (helmet and digging tool attached to large pack), followed by a mile (or maybe a half mile?) in respirators with a whiff of CS in the air, then ditch the large packs etc to do the rest in CEFO with weapons (to a total of 6 miles). After this we ran the assault course, and all to be done in something like an hour.
And there was I, just about to venture outdoors minus shoes and socks plus a bag of gravel...

So you're saying it's best to get some short hard runs in and some longer, slower-paced work with a bit of weight for good measure? Before I get all the usual warnings about running with weight, relax, i've already spent many months building up to using only 10lbs only using short distances and soft surfaces. Stress fractures tend to limit progress somewhat otherwise... :roll:
Just posted a reply to your question on the Training section, cant be arsed to write it out again but if you have a look there it should be of some help. Just dont over do the training and get injured!

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