Fitness at RMAS

Could anyone enlighten me as to what the fitness programme at RMAS entails? By this I mean type of activities, distances/durations and rate of progression? Reason for the interest is partly curiosity and obsessive need to prepare down to the last detail (sad b*****d?). Cheers!
Contary to most of the rumours out there, the fitness standards haven't dropped over the last few years at Sandhurst, if anything they have increased, its just that the training has become a lot more progressive.

You have to pass the initial BPFA obviously and it is expected that you improve on the standards which you set. I think we did six BPFA's during the year. Monday morning normally involves an endurance march, starting with quite a short route and at a slow pace with no weight and progressing until in the last term you can expect to do 10 miles with 25kg at a pretty speedy pace, involving tabbing and a few rest periods of walking.

There is PT nearly every day, circuits, swimming, steady state runs (not enough if you ask me!), and sport on a wednesday and saturday.

Hope this has been of help - dont panic, just make sure you can do 50+ press ups and sit ups in 2 mins and can run under 10 mins for the mile and a half, you'll then progress nicely with the training you'll get from the PTI's who, its got to be said are awesome. Enjoy!
I found the fitness at RMAS pretty arrse. I went there fighting fit and was reduced to a very poor level. The problem is if you go there half fit, the syllabus is so progressive your level will drop. You are better off drinking heavily before you go and just passing the initial BPFA, then watch as you get steadily fitter, it will impress the DS more. In the initial 20 weeks I think I did a total of 10 miles running! The result was my BPFA scores got steadily worse.

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