Fitness At Q.A Phase 2

This is not meant to be patronising but self discipline followed by introducing a decent set of running trainers to the tarmac! A few sit ups and press ups in your room at the end of your run will keep you toned. I keep some dumb bells to stop my guns from withering.

I had a few years away from uniform whist in a training post and it is hard. I did well to begin with but put on a few pounds towards the end.

Keep yourself fit and looking dynamic. It will make people take you more seriously when you say you're in the Army.

It will also relieve stress when you're studying for exams.

Self motivation certainly is the key or you'll end up with a QA issue rear end as well as wearing grey and being called nursey amungst other things.
we dont wear grey. and they couldnt care less about your fitness levels at birmingham, but you may then struggle on posting, so its up to you.

there is a pti, but his job only involves pestering young female students
Thought that was a PTI's remit to pester and point to where the toilets are with his arm muscles flexed

self discipline is the key - dont be tempted to act like a civi for three years

maintain a decent level of fitness (you dont have to go mad on it) and life will be easier when you qualify and receive your first posting order as an RN

in the same way that you set aside time for study ( i would hope) - allocate some of your time to maintaining your level of fitness
wasnt really a "whole chat" just 2 posts about there being a pti, who, in real life, spends all his time pestering student girls. and its not to get them to jog more
It only takes 3 phys sessions a week for 20-30 mins to maintain a decent level of fitness. As a Corps I guess we do have a reputation as far as fitness goes. At Pompey we had PT every wed afternoon. This did not however, stop some students treble in size over the three years training (male and female) and would wobble off to the clothing store for new no2's every time Corps day or rememberance came around. Unfortunatley you are going to RCDM where you will find the Army cadets will have a more military bearing. You are now within the military and maintain the standard that goes along with it and not just on the fitness side. A few sit ups, press ups and a run should see you ticking over. Dont get fat, as you are expected to do, and look like a complete arrse when you tip up to your unit.

Oh yeah for all its worth, the PTI's still pesterd (if thats a word) our lot. thats their job :hump:

Wee Man.
couldn't agree more wee-man,

we need to get the young-uns used to doing fitness and then maybe, just maybe, the corps might start to practice what they preach.

I hate it when a 'health' corps such as ours has so many fat knackers having to have there uniform sprayed on every morning.

So nurseyboy, get doing your fitness whilst at UCE, don't even think about coming to a unit near me looking like a fat waster. :threaten:
when i was at uce there was one individual so fat that she couldnt wear army ward dress as they didnt make it big enough. how people like that get through selection is beyond me.
UCE? University of Central England? What did it used to be called?

Pardon my ignorance on this subject!
whitemouse75 said:
when i was at uce there was one individual so fat that she couldnt wear army ward dress as they didnt make it big enough. how people like that get through selection is beyond me.
Good shout my furry little friend,

The thing is they are, is the problem on the selection board or at depot?. If they look like they eat doughnuts in a wardrobe they shouldnt even get as far as depot. I am sure there are people out there who remember troops getting backsquadded in week 8 of basic for failing APWT's.But we are struggling to maintain the levels in the Corps and it is and appears we are our own worse enemy as far as selection goes.
They say that under new MATT 2 admin action will be taken against BFT (sorry showing my age there)... BPFA ( arrse).... PFT (thats the badger) failures, can you see an ITU spec or other pinch point spec quall nurse getting discharged or leaving because they cant put one foot in front of the other for 2.4km at a reasonably slow pace? but may be thats a thread on its own?

yours in agreement,
Wee man

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