fitness and re-doing medical

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by miket_915, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. hi there,

    june 2nd 2009 i passed my selection date and i was waiting around for one of my job choices to open but to my surprise none of them would be opening so going in as an ammo tech now.

    cut a long story short i pulled a muscle in my leg a few months ago and it has only recently healed. my career officer is hugely useless and had been ignoring e-mails off the selection centre because i had passed it last year and i got a phone call two weeks ago saying i have to re-do my medical on 26th july which is very bad news for me as i dont have much fitness due to my injury. not only am i worried about the medical test i have to re-do all the physical tests etc and the best time i've had recently was 10:36 which is bad.

    p.s just another moaning session by me whilst im at it. my date for basic training is 23rd of august just over 4 weeks away. and i'm quite low on fitness. i've been doing 3.7 mile runs in 30-32 mins. what else can i do to drastically improve my fitness?

    is it actually possible for me to get fit enough for basic in 4 weeks? i know its not but im in need of some help. thanks for anyone who helps.