fitness after passing out

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by LJB18, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. once your in your unit, are you expected to keep your own fitness up or are there pt sessions you go to ?
  2. An average week, if there is such a thing, will see some sort of PT on most days. Battalions vary, but you'll probably end up with some version of at least once a week doing a CO's PT morning where the whole battalion will tip up for cross country/circuits/BFT/CFT/boot run/2 miler etc. More than likely your Company will have one or two Coy PT sessions in the week and of course your platoon will do the same. On top of all that, section commanders have been known to take their lads out for an early morning thrashing before breakfast for motivational purposes.

    This is all par the course, you'll still be expected to put in your time down the gym to keep match fit. Most lads put in an hour after work most days and you even see the occasional keen maniac doing beach runs on the weekend.
  3. Silly question really !
  4. thanks alot.
  5. Is that a bite?

  6. RP578

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    ACFT1 Part1
  7. I remember doing the two miler at Brecon,from the gym in dering lines down to the post box and back in full cefo ! Thats the only place i ever did it,was all uphill on the way back !
  8. The two miler at Pirbright is similar, from the range gate up to one of the flags and back, it's all up hill on the way out.
  9. Question aside, coy and regimental level PT is a great time to look over your shoulder into the far distance at the 12 year privates shuffling along covered in snot and proclaiming loudly to anyone who will listen about their 'f*cked knees/back/shins' whilst politely ignoring their own overhanging belly, like a pink binbag full of offall
  10. Bloody hell mate you must have been in a really cushy out fit, 12 year privates unfit, we were all f*kced by 4 years :?
  11. Remember the one at catterick, think its "the snake" bloody c.o. of trg regt decided it would be fun for perm staff to do on friday afternoon full kit
    Cambrai lines up the snake and back, bloody hell makes me puke just remembering
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, battalion PT was good for the ego as you were guaranteed to be way ahead of all the wastrels, slackers and various attached arms types collectively known as HQ Coy :D