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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HarrytheHostage, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. howdy,

    going to be going into the TA (well..errm selction anyway) but just looking for some help with fitness. the 1.5 run i can do in 11mins. i have done various runs, from 1.5 on flat roads, to 3 miles over rougher terrain and other varations. so thats not a problem. sit ups, not a probem, can do at least 30 in two mins, other things mostly ok, but fooking push ups! I can barely do two! not friggin joking. i'm a skinny 6 foot runt weighing 12 stone so there aint much to push up..but fook me...anyone got an advice on weight training, upper body strenght training? the only way i'd ever get big is to have a gene change so not looking for that, just more strenght...

  2. your looking at least 10:30 for your 1.5 mile depending what reg your for,

    keep gettin the sit ups and psuh ups going as far as i can remember its 44 in two mins or anything above 50 need to refresh the noggin but roundabout 50 is what u wanna aim for with push n sits
  3. Do push ups. you will get better at them.

    Try and do five. Just get down and bang them out at a set time every day. A technique I used was that I would do my target number of pressups every time I went into the bathroom (you can't put off/avoid taking a shit or a piss. So I ended up doing about 80 reps a day (20 at a time) and reassessed my max every time. Now I can do 60-odd in one go with no rest, so, daft as it sounds, it worked for me.
  4. One suggestion i've heard for the couch potatos... knock out 5 during each ad break while waiting for the kettle to boil.
    Then once you've started building up your strength try 9 have a minute rest followed by 8 and a minutes rest, followed by 7 etc. then you'll be doing 45 in 7 minutes, once you can manage that, start cutting out the minute breaks.
  5. Weight training will improve strength, but push ups are more about muscular endurance. And, as the other posters have pointed out, the only way to improve is to do a lot of them.

    One method is to do push ups against a table etc. This is much easier than doing them on the floor, of course, so you can do a lot more. This helps build up endurance for real push ups.

    the opposite method is to put your feet on a chair; incline push ups are much harder to do.
  6. Would it be best to get to the required level of fitness before going to my local TAC to enquire about joining?
    I dont think it will take me long as Im no fat knacker.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    No, go along now, it will take some time to process your paperwork.

  8. cheers lads. some good advice there. started doing what ye recommended. everytime i went to the tiolet, did 5, then 10. if i got tired i supported myself with my knees (but not counting them as push ups) did the table thing aswel. and fooking guess what, i can do ten easily enough now. yup, still bog sh*te but yesterday I couldn't even manage 1. :oops:

    anyone got some advice on building upper body strenght? i understand what you mean by push ups build muscle endurance (though didn't til you mentioned it Werewolf!). makes sense.

    cheers again!
  9. HTH greetings, just keep at it mate, spare time - push ups and sit ups, vary your hand width, keep at it and don't give up. Get to your local gym, go out running and bung some sit ups and push ups for a break. Don't worry too much if you're not getting the required amount, just do the best you can. You'll manage a few more on the day from out of nowhere.

    Good luck and welcome to the mob.
  10. cheers CC. Nice to have some place like this to get some advice.

    still banging away at 'em. the missus must be wondering what i'm up to in the bog every 20mins :D

    just banged out 15 though. compared to 1 yesteday, i'm rather chuffed.
  11. Good effort, mate. :D Just keep slogging away and you'll get there.

    Good luck with joining the TA.

    If you want any advice on weight training, just let us know. But for the TA, running and body-weight exercises are more important. Weight training is an optional extra.
  12. You are a prime example of everything that is wrong with the TA in the eyes of the Regular Army.
  13. cheers mate. true what ye say, practice, practice, practice.

    what do you mean by body weight excerises? I am a little concerned alright with loosing a heap of weight from running. at the moment i just run once a week, extending the distance, over the 3mile mark at the minute. do you mean stuff like pulls ups, sit ups etc? just hoping to increase muscle endurance (new word I learnt here 8) ) and increase upper bvody strenght aswell. not really body building, just overall strenght being able to hog heavy stuff over extended periods without damaging my back etc..any advice is more than appreciated.
  14. Or just make sure the gym queen is standing over you when banging them out(pushups that is)
  15. OK...bodyweight exercises are; Push-Ups, Dips and Pull-Ups as well as Sit-Ups, Crunches(no, not the chocolate kind :wink: )etc. These are all excellent training exercises and develop muscle endurance and strength. Beginners often find Pull-Ups very difficult(or maybe it was just me :oops: )and it is an exercise where you have to develop a fair amount of strength even to do a few reps.

    If you have a limited amount of training time, stick to bodyweight exercises and running; these are the most directly applicible to the Army.

    As for carrying heavy loads for an extended period of time - the only way to get used to it is to do it: put a Bergan on, with a very light load to start with. Chose a short route, on the hills if possible, and of you go. Each time you go out, gradually increase the weight of the Bergan and the distance. Walk, don't run, at least at first.

    As with all types of physical training, start out easy and build up.

    If you have enough extra time to fit in a couple of gym sessions per week, go for it. It won't do you any harm unless you start cutting runs to fit in more weights. It's very easy for people who have'nt done much gym work before to become addicted to it; when you start training, you're body responds rapidly and you see a lot of improvement very quickly until you're muscles start to adjust. Fine if bodybuilding is you're goal. But if you want to serve in the Armed Forces, cardiovscular and muscular endurance MUST be you're priority when it comes to physical training.

    If you want, I can PM you some basic weight training routines, though it would probably be better if you join a good gym and work with a qualified instructor, who can tailor a weights program for you're specific needs. :)

    Oh, and I would'nt worry too much about losing weight; muscle is twice as heavy as fat anyway. :D