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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ron_Manager, May 19, 2008.

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  1. boys and girls

    im currently in a predicament about my 1.5mile time....i have to do it in 11 mins i have never hit this,my best time was 11.46,still...just did my MATTS and it was a shocking 12.20mins,

    i can blast the sit ups and press ups and can run a fair distance 2 runs a week between 3 and 6 miles but no matter what i do my 1.5 mile time hovers around the 12min mark,

    any advice except stop eating and drinking will be appreciated.


  2. run 1.5 miles 3 times a week and also your 3-6 milers....RUN RUN RUN

    .....why would you have to run it in 11 minutes? is it an age thing?
  3. just keep on running mate as much as you can fit in :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. In addition to your 2 runs a week try adding an interval session or 2, something like a 10 minute steady warm up followed by hill reps for 30 minutes. Should sort you out.

    Bear in mind that just 2 runs of between 3 and 6 miles per week isn't exactly alot. You need to be doing more than this to improve, however don't over train. A 3-6 mile run every other day with a swim on the non running days will also help.
  5. yeah its an age thingy...if you pass your PFT we get 2 whole days pay extra for the house Hitler to spend

    but on a plus side ill be an older giffer next year and i get 11.30 to do it in.

  6. hey ,whats this all do you get 2 days pay for passing a PFT

    will you please tell my AO of this development!
  7. Some units award this as an incentive for the boys and girls to pass the PFT; for me the problem has always being the press-ups. I can't do them very well or properly at all, has any one any advice?
  8. As has been said interval sessions or fartlek type training, work on a good posture and building your leg speed rather than trying to take longer strides and that will cut your times down.
  9. yeah the PFT thing is an incentive to pass/we are also a national unit and do not get drill/PT etc so they expect us to look after ourselves.

    Press ups also were hard for me...i could only manage 8 18months ago

    the best way i have found is to do them on the stairs...feet at the bottom and away you go...just build it up in 3 sets 10s then 20s etc and then do a timed best effort i find it also keeps your body straight,then try them normally on the floor in between

    so do it on the stairs 2 times a week(oohhhh errr missus) in sets and once as a 2 min best effort then every now and then hit the floor.
  10. Worry less about the distance (your 3 mile run is fine) but increase the pace. Do it in stages to start with. Break the route down into quarter mile chunks and alternately run them fast and slow(maybe even walking although a slow jog would be better). Once your comfortable then start to do a half mile chunk fast and a quarter mile slower, keep building up until you can run the whole distance at your fastest pace.
    Once comfortable at three miles, change the distance or the route, add more hills for instance, and practice sprinting up the hills, recovering on the flat and downs.
    You need to improve the efficiency of the heart as a muscle, and improve the strength of your legs.
    It will hurt.
  11. we dont have a unit PTI at the minute and thus i get no phys whilst with T.A. maybe i could talk my AO into this new fangled kindness....

    keep up the good work and goo luck with your times!!
  12. If you can only manage 20 proper ones, do 4x 15 with 2 min breaks in between, do this 4-5 times a week and you'll soon be doing 70 odd no dramas.

    Same with sit-up and pull ups, if you are struggling, do less than your maximum more times.
  13. Sprint the first 200 meters then settle into a steady pace, also sprint the last 200 meters.

    Whilst running round the course every now and again set yourself a visual point 50-100m ahead and concentrate on nothing but sprinting to it.

    You will be amazed how much time you can knock off by adding a few short sprints. And I am a big lad so running is not my natural forte.

    Not all 1.5 mile runs are the same, and factors such as inclines and strong wind can make a big difference!
  14. Warm your legs up first on the stairs. One foot on the first step with the other leg extended behing you. Lean forward gently, come back and repeat. Then change over.

    When you start your run do not be too ambitious, use the lamp post routine, run one and jog one and build it up from there.
  15. Your not going to improve your 1.5 run time by doing an average 3 mile run. To improve the 1.5 mile run you need to be doing 1.5 mile runs , make sense?

    I suggest you change your training to have 1.5 miles as your max distance, as well as that do some hill reps and some fartlek.

    Hill reps.
    Find a short hill max length 100 metres. After a warm up run to the hill you will be ready to do hill reps. From the bottom sprint to the top, you legs should be screwed by the time you get there. At the top turn round and slowly jog down the hill, this is your recovery period. Then repeat, start with ten reps at first.

    On the bus and shorts have some good advice going there.

    Training wise I would do this

    Monday 1.5 mile run, best effort
    Tuesday. Rest day, cross train with press ups sit ups pull ups and other core muscle exercises
    Wednesday. Hill reps
    Thursday. Rest day, cross training
    Friday. Longer run, with fartleck
    saturday. Rest day, complete rest, no exercise
    Sunday. Give that 1.5 best effort a thrash

    Other things to try would be interval training...warm up run followed by 100m spint, 100m recovery, 200m sprint, 200m recovery, build it up to 400m sprint then back down through the increments to 100m

    Or play "chase me" Get a training partner, he sets off running two miutes before you, you try to catch him. Only really works if you are around the same fitness.
    Have fun