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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by firesquaddie, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Apart from an appaling lack of Motivation, Any PTI's out there offer any advice on the best way to get from Flab to PFT passing Fab in few short months?
    Best work on Situps, Press ups and running will be best thanks
  2. I'm not a PTI but I can give you my tried and tested method.

    4 weeks before due date of test begin preparation. Stalk dodgyest looking PTI until he does something illegal. Now you have black on him.

    Confront him with evidence and threaten to tell authorities of his discretion.

    Hey presto - you have passed for another 6 months.

    Repeat as and when required. Works well for BCFT too.
  3. The stalking method is not just restricted to PTIs. Do it with RAF movers and bingo, you got four seats in the middle row of the plane to yourself on a flight back from the Falklands.

    That 18 hour flight passed in the blink of an eye while I was lay down flat sleeping off a hangover for 16 hours of it.
  4. Chunky

    I don't disagree with you and will definitely try it on my next long haul RAF flight but I think the lad was after some genuine FITNESS advice so I just gave him the SIB perspective which has got us all through it for many a year.
  5. ok so i get the dirt and they dont care or i cant find the dirt, any proper advice apart from holdindg them at gunpoint or sleeping with there wives/girlfriends/boyfriends
  6. For the run alternate between fartlek training and normal running. For press ups and sit ups technique is very important. The average person will be able to do an extra 10 in the alloted 2 mins with the correct tevhnique. PM me and i will give you more info.
  7. Ok so technique seems to be the best option, now how do i sort out my motivation
  8. Focus your mind on improving your fitness in anticipation of an Op tour. If you can't motivate yourself to pass a basic PFT, then maybe a new career direction is on order?
  9. Whatever you do, don't nick two of them 2 days before you're due to fly home. I did and I'm still waiting for my bags to turn up and that was 17 years ago 8O :roll:
  10. I think that the best motivation is the fact that CO`s can issue a 6 month Warning Order for inability to ass a BPFA. If not passed within this period the it is tata and off to civvi street.

    This is only for people who are FE and not for those downgraded or the holder of a fabloned obvious!!
  11. lol, fair one.