Fitness Advice for joining the army

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by New_Recruit, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Hello there,

    I went to amry careers centre on friday to join the Royal signals and i filled out my application form and i thought the wheel was in motion. However the recruiter took my height and weight (6ft1/15st.1lb) and he said i am over weight according to the BMI (body mass index). He told me i cant join until i get to 14stone but the thing is i am not overweight i just do alot of weight training and thats why, ok i could get to 14stone but i want to do so really quicky cause i just quit my job for the army and i need advice in losing weight really quicky . i am already doing 3 mile runs a day and circuits (is this sufficient) .

    any advice would be most appreciated !! cheers!
  2. If its muscle and not lard then I don't see what the recruiter's problem is....
  3. Good start fatso - calling the first NCO you come across a liar...... you should do well
  4. Must be after a commission.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Something was tellin me i would get these reply's !!!
  7. then youre not dissapointed are you!!!
  8. BMI has no real relevance to those who take part in regular Physically demanding activity.

    Muscle weighs more than fat. Your recruiter is not medically qualified and is therefor not in any position to make a decision on those spurious grounds.

    As for you curent Phys routine; it sounds reasonable enough, depends though upon how long it takes you to run the 3 miles!

    Back to the point though, although I have never had any experience of recruiting I know Medical Standards are only to be graded by Doctors.
  9. New recruit, sack the job at Macdonalds you fat twaat. Then sack all thoughts about the Signals, there's more than enough fat knackers in there already.

    A good way to lose weight is to stop pushing mountains of food past your teeth. Also your weight problem may be caused by feet problems. i.e they're always in the chipshop queue.
  10. You need to work on your 'push-aways', mate.

    I.e. push the plate away before your second helpings, y 'kin salad dodger.
  11. *Then sack all thoughts about the Signals, there's more than enough fat knackers in there already.*

    Thats a good bloody point, there are loads of fat buggers in the army , thats what 3 square meals a day does to ya!

    ANyway thanks for the advice and it no it aint mcdonalds im a builder!