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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Steed1988, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Ive recently been trying something i've seen a lot of boxers doing and that is running with a bin bag covering my body. I've heard it helps cut weight. Can anyone confirm this theory...Does it actually work?
  2. Basically all this will do is make you sweat more and hence lose fluid and potentially de-hydrate you. The weight will be replaced as soon as you drink. Boxers used to do this to make weight limits at weigh ins prior to contest and then try and put the weight back on in the period between the weigh in and the fight.
    If you want to lose weight simply stick to a balanced diet and structured exercise programme or if you are vastly overweight speak to your doctor about how you should go about it.

  3. I'm just looking for ways to cut body weight fast as i've been told to work on my fitness from the ACIO thats all. Thanks for the link though very helpful indeed.
  4. I just need to lose a few more pounds before returning to the ACIO so far ive lost just under half a stone in 3 weeks mainly due to what ive been eating (tuna, pasta occasionally and strictly no beer) and also running every day. I apreciate the help thank you.
  5. its basically just a sauna suit, my mate does it. he was very fat and he is alot slimmer but its just a daft thing to do because you would become de hydrated faily quick.
  6. Dont do it. Its stupid. You are just loosing water, as soon as you drink you will put the weight straight back on. If you want to loose weight through dehydration just drink very little for the 2 or 3 days leading up to the weight in or whatever it is.

    Dont do the binbag thing its very dangerous and makes you look like a tool.