Fitna - The Dutch against Islam

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Outstanding, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. So a dutch MP speaks out against Islamification of his country and he is immediately vilified as being over the top. A film he has made is taken off Liveleak because they got threatened! Where sis freeedom of speech going guys?
  2. I've read odd things about the Dutch sitting up and taking notice of their, erm, "communities" and its been the same in other parts of Europe and Scandinavia. Measures are being taken and that's good news. I think the best way is to adopt a softly, softly approach rather than any inflammatory stuff. Work on them bit by bit, revise immigration & integration rules, that sort of thing. Also, allow 600,000ish Poles to come in and make a very small minority even smaller...
  3. No I was being ironic. The 'anti-Islam' film goes but we still get IED-TV.
  4. I believe that was a report a couple of years ago that "native" Dutch born people were now a minority group in their own country
  5. They haven't been occupied by Nazi Germany for a while, and have forgotten what it feels like to have your culture threatened. Give them another 5 years and the orange flags will be flying again in earnest...
  6. Just a thought , but maybe the reason there are no widespread protests is so as not to draw attention to what the film contains.........
  7. 54 million islamics ? behave... :D
  8. Wouldn't like to link to that report would You?

    No? thought not :roll:
  9. I must say that You are trying Enoch.

    Very trying :roll: