I am torn.

As an English Catholic, I'm cheering for Celtic.
As a Liverpool supporter I'm cheering for Stevie G.

I hated Rogers as a Liverpool manager.
He's always been a Jambo as long as I've known him.
FFS, unlucky at life all round then?

Used to know a jambo who was ex RSDG, mental as anything casual type. He'd talk to opposition fans (sheepies normally) on the train back the East Neuk and then give them a battering before getting off at Cupar.
The score did not reflect the game mate.
In the words of the late adolf eichmann Rangers should have wiped them from the face of the earth or words to that effect. Tongue firmly in cheek before anyone takes umbrage.

The fact that it took so long for a goal shows both teams were trying their best to shoot
Let's hope all are OK eh?
One in hospital while the rest got to watch the match…..the responsibility of visitors and fans lies with the board of directors.


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I heard Neil Lennon on Radio 5 Live this evening saying he thought Celtic would still win the league. Maybe they will, may be they won't, but what message does that send to his own team? As a supporter I'd be pretty pissed off to hear the manager say another team will win the league after only 6 games. Thankfully I'm a Jambo and I can't imagine Levein doing that.
Well just before I depart these shores for colder climes for a couple of months, thought I'd annoy you all with my thoughts so far this season...

First off, we are rank. We played well at home v Burnley, well away v Burnley, and a really good Cup game v St Mirren, but our League form has been woeful. Joe Lewis is the only reason for our current points total; the man is a genius in between those posts. GMS has been outstanding, Logan is seeming to be back on the form of a couple of seasons ago, rather than the drop off he had last season, McKenna is amazing, Devlin is looking good (when the refs allow him to play, more on that coming...) and Bruce Anderson has a real eye for the goal. Apart from that we look flat. The biggest concern for me is Stevie May: he looks nothing like the player who we know he can be, Cosgrove is a bomb scare and I have no idea why Gleeson, Forrester and Ferguson aren't being played.

But as much as my team frustrates me some times, the biggest frustration for me has been the decisions form the officials this season. Obviously I am looking at things with a degree of tinted specs, however not only Aberdeen have been the downfall of some very bad refereeing this season. Both Killie and Hibs have been vocal already this season against refs. Steve Clarke is facing disciplinary action for speaking out, and I'm half expecting Derek McInnes to be facing the same, yet Gerrard who implied a conspiracy against Rangers after the match v us has had no citation? Devlin was red carded in the first ten minutes v Killie, for a foul committed against him (when you watch the footage you'll see the foul was instigated by Brophy tugging Devlins shirt) and with Logan coming in form the left he was not last man, yet this weekend saw Boyata commit a worse foul and only be shown a yellow from the same referee. And because Thompson showed him a yellow, this of course means the incident cannot be dealt with retrospectively. We often vent our frustrations ate the refs by chanting that they 'don't know what they're doing'... but I am beginning to believe that they know exactly what they're doing.

This weekend we played Motherwell, we won with a very instinctive goal by the Man Utd loanee James Wilson. The referee was a guy who I hadn't heard of; Nick Walsh. He started off OK, but as the game wore on, some of his decisions for both teams were questionable. Well are claiming a penalty in the first half, and we had at least one penalty claim throughout the whole game. He booked players, who continued to foul players and he failed to penalise the players further. Andrew Dallas was exactly the same in the match earlier in the season at Easter Road.

This evening sees us play Hibs at ER in the cup. I'm dreading another shambolic display of officiating tonight.


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The SPL new boys surprised me today.

I thought they'd have too much for Livingston to cope with.


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The furore over the semi-final fixtures looks destined to carry on, even with the change made. Statements have been released by both Celtic and Hearts, obviously there’s a little wind up Int the Hearts statement. Craig does like to cause a little controversy now and again.

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