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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by down_under, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. I have just bought a Fitness/Swiss ball and am wondering what are the best exercises to do on it? I know I could troll through all the posts, but... can't be arrsed. Any help appreciated. :?
  2. Try keeping it under the stairs, bring it out when you have visitors, making sure you polish the dust off and don't be too obvious in displaying it i.e. not in the middle of the living room but visible enough to invite comment.
  3. Or, invite the elephants next door over for a kick aboot :D
  4. balance your lower back/arrse on it and do normal sit ups. the balancing this exercise will require will work all your abs and obliques. When this gets easy, clutch a 5kg weight to your chest.

    Lie with your back on the floor (on a rollmat etc to avoid injury), have your legs (from the knee down) on the ball, get a partner to sit on your legs and everytime you come up pass you a medicine ball
  5. Some good exercises to search for are, swiss ball chest press, lateral ball roll, superman (alternate or balancing), hip extension on ball, crunches on ball, and russian twist on ball. These exercises all work the core muscles.
  6. [ everytime you come up pass you a medicine ball[/quote]

    :donut: :wtf: :help: :omfg: :pukel: :pissedoff: :omg:
  7. Sorry read it wrongly! WOOPS!

    As long as you sit on it when you are doing any kind of free weights you are also tightening the core muscles. Even watching telly. Though I found this really hacked Mr Petite off....
  8. I also use mine in place of a chair at the computer desk
  9. never heard that one halo. **** me thats a good idea! seriously.

    what about just balancing on it, press ups on it varying your leg extension?
  10. hehe well i spend alot of time on the PC when relaxing so i just thought hey why not work the muscles at the same time. I have to say after a week i noticed a difference. I feel a safety warning is in order never sit on the ball when very tired i did when checking mail and well i nodded off and went backwards into the side of my TV which has now made the TV do a annoying thing that the sound will go right down on its own.
  11. I don't have that problem 1: tv is 15 foot away and 2: i enjoy the challenge of trying to balance without feet on floor too much to fall asleep. 8)
  12. To maximise your time on the balls be sure to get pelvis neutral before you start. This is best done if sitting upright on the ball at the 11 oclock postion with legs hip distance apart and the kness bent at 90 deg and over the ankle..... then tilt your pelvis forward and back once or twice then find the point mid way this is pelivic neutral. From here a muslce called Tranverse Abdominus (TA) is best activated. This along with Multifudus are you main muscles in core stability. Get this bit right first mate and the rest will be more affective.
    To help with TA activation and press ups the Plank and side Plank Exercise is great.
  13. try kneeling on top of the ball and staying there... not holding on to anything. It takes practice but when you can, progress on to standing... you'll feel a bit like a circus performer and may get bruises but seriously your core will be so strong. My gym has guys who have managed to jump up onto a swiss ball and stand on them from the jump without stacking it - impressive.