Fit or not, when outside

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codbutt, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. I was fairly fit when I was in, and initially even fitter once I got out (oddly enough). Now, I'm at about one, on a scale of one to ten. But I'm 43, don't really put weight on, and it therefore it isn't much of an issue to me most of the time. A mate of mine getting treatment after Gulf War one said there were loads of squaddies in his ward who said "fitness - why are you bothering?"
    Admittedly, when I've gone out skiing for an hour, I feel lots better afterwards - but is it really worth bothering about getting proper fit?
    Did many of you guys stay fit when you got out?
  2. Initially. I could easily pace our PSI and he was a marathon runner, so I must have been doing something right. When I left the TA I let the fitness lapse, but being of svelte, taut-buttocked physique, my subsequent lack of fitness didn't show. I left uniformed service nearly twenty years ago, and despite a brief resurgence during a failed attempt at joining the Feds, the only exercise I get now is dogging and lifting slabs of Carlsberg in Tescos.

    Like yourself, I'm now a forty-something, and am still reasonably svelte and taut-buttocked. The only bugbear is the hair - or rather lack of. :(
  3. I've had peaks and troughs. I initially let fitness slide big-style after I got out; then my younger sister bullied me into entering the Great Scottish Run one year and I got the fitness bug back; I kept pretty fit for a few years after that, culminating in the 2007 Edinburgh Marathon but that knackered me for a good long time and I'm only just starting to get back in proper shape now.
  4. I keep my phys ticking over, but I'm nowhere near as fit was I was whilst in. Considering signing up to this thing to give me a reason to get back in the gym!