Fit for Paras?

Alright everyone im new here so i apolagise if this has already been mentioned.
Anyway im 17 and im up to the selection stage of my application (waiting for dates) and im going for the parachute reg and i need to get fitter because since leaving school ive been working bad hours leaving me with no hours to train, after my 3rd interview i quit my job so that i could train everyday.
Starting on monday i am going to go on 2 mile jog everyday(progressivley getting futher) and go swimming for 45 mins at least 4 times a week. At home i have got a pull up bar and a weight bench so i am going to use them eveyday, whats the best way to gain upper body strength? Just do as many press ups, pull ups, sit ups and as many reps on my weight bench untill i cant physicaly do anymore, or is it better for me to start circuit type exercise?
Lol sorry for going on its just im desperate to get strong and fit but want to know the best way about it.
The last time i did my 1.5 mile run it was 9.11 and tha was with out any proper training.
Any answers would greatly appreciated.
well 9:11min is still a good time.
and dont exericse everyday u need to let ur body rest i have 2 rest days in mine.
do wht u doin really runin / weights at the gym .

try to do some dadlifts as they will help ya on your selection

im goin for para aswell looks like im goin adult
good luck.
Nice 1 for quick reply.
Cant i just rest saturday and sunday or do i have to have them in between days of training?
Have you been to selection yet?
Rest weds and saturday. Mix your runs up do 3 to 5 miles 4 times a week and then every other week test your self with 1.5miles. Also do some hill or stair sprints and interval training once a week. For upper body do situps and push up variations for 5 rounds with say 25 reps each exercise for 6 exercises
luke.s said:
try to do some dadlifts as they will help ya on your selection
Why? Whose Dad are you supposed to lift on recruit selection? Is this a new thing?
9.20 am - Eat porridge and bananna for breakfast.
10.00 am - Go for 2-5 mile run
11.20 am - Eat scrambled egg on toast
12.00 pm - 3 sets of 25 pressups. 3 sets of 25 sit ups. 3 sets of 15 pullups.
12.20 pm - Eat chicken pasta and fruit
1.00 pm - 3 sets of 10 reps lifting 30-35 kg bench presses, 3 sets of 15 reps arm curling (dumbells) 12-15 kgs repeat that circuit 4 times.
5.30pm - Eat chicken, jacket potato and baked beans. Then eat fruit.
8.30pm jog to my local swimming baths aprox 0.7 miles away and swim for 40 mins then jog back.

Tuesday - Repeat

Wednesday -Rest

Thursday - Repeat

Friday - Repeat

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Time my 1.5 mile run time best effort. Then later do circuit and weights.

Continue again following week adding number of pressups, Miles ETC.

Ive just thought that up does that sound ok or totaly wrong lol also what else is good to eat cant realy think at the moment. Im not a meat head but im not weak, more on the slim side will this help me get stronger?
Cheers all.
Are you planning on eating the same stuff every day? I hope you get in soon, or you'll be sick of eating chicken, baked potatoes and beans after a week or two:

Why are you running 40 minutes after breakfast?
I fort it would be better to let food go down a bit lol when should i go straight after?
Well im shit when it comes to food but ive been told thats ok but i supose i do need to mix it up a bit anyone know anything else good?
Try not to make the mistake of eating too much protein - granted, you need it to build muscle, but if you start taking in ridiculous amounts, your body will just get rid of the excess it in your pee, only using what it needs and not using it to build muscle.

So don't think you'll become superman if you eat 3 roast chickens a day or whatever.

But you should be fine on what you've got written down (but i'm no expert).
ill try and help you mate with a couple of examples.

Monday = 1.5 mile sprint in morning and weights in the evening, diet as follows :

breakfast= 2 slices of wholemeal toast, small bowl of special k, skimmed milk and banana.

1.5 mile sprint

recovery meal= sports drink

lunch= 2 ham cheese and salad sandwiches on granuary bread and 1 apple.

Weight session= chest

recovery meal= pint of milk and 2 bananas

Dinner= 250g fillet steak, garlic, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, small bowl of special k and skimmed milk.

i hope this helps if you need more then just PM me and ill send you more.
Why are you offering advice up only wekks after asking this

Ive just started running to they gym i go to and its 5.8 miles there, will this help my fitness
Suddenly gone from being terminally stupid to being an expert?
Why are you offering advice
You know some good diets yet you don't know if a 6 mile run to the gym will improve your fitness?

If you are a wind up merchant you aren't very good or funny

If you are serious you are an undergarment.

SO the real answer to the question I posed: Why are you offering advice is

'I shouldn't I'm a clueless fcuking idiot and potentially what I am scribing could be dangerous if someone took me seriously'

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