Fit for Commandos

I'm 16 and going to AFC Harrogate in September. My plans are to join RA and volunteer for 29Cdo and eventually get to 148 bty.

My current training consists of:

5 mile run every other day.
Upper body session in the gym every other day(mostly bodyweight and practical strength exercises.
Mountainbike racing (very intense) every weekend

I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for improving this.
(No nude rollmat fighting)

Thanks in advance
Yeah mate.

(1) Stop with the crap roll-mat jokes.

(2) Don't over do the weights stuff. Your 16, and therefore still growing. If you over do it then you will stunt your growth and fcuk your muscles up for good. Give it 2 years, then you can get on it. My advice is to jack in the weights completely and keep running.

(3) Officer or squaddie?

(4) Get this book: yes it looks shit, but its good, keps it all basic, and has fitness plans for all types of people, from a desk jockey, to a airbourne wanna be to a bootneck wanna be. Again head my warning about excessive weights!

(5) Dont touch steriods or any dodgey stuff

(6) Basically stay fit! Don't over do it. If your looking to be a rupert then concentrate on your studies to.
I've not done the Commando Course so maybe take this with a pinch of salt. I'm sure others can chime in with more relevant advice.

You have plenty of time. I would say that consistency is the main thing in building up your fitness before you get to Harrowgate. If I was you I would do the following.

Mon: Interval Training OR Hill Reps
Progressively add more reps or reduce rest

Tue: Circuits/Strength Training

Wed: Short fast run - build up to 30 min

Thu: Circuit/Strength Training

Fri: Endurance Run - gradually add time, build up to 60 minutes (maybe longer but I'm assuming your weekends racing will be quite long). Perhaps make this run shorter if the weekend is going to be a real beasting.

Weekend - race and rest.

Every 4th - 5th week take an easy week with a couple of runs and some easy circuits.

On the circuit day make sure you work on Push Ups / Pull Ups, perhaps before circuits proper (royal loves pull ups!). Ladders are good - do a pull up, rest 30 sec, do 2 etc. When you are nearly at your limit then move back down the ladder again.

For some good circuits see here in the workouts section: workouts

I don't know your athletic background but I imagine you pretty fit if your doing MB races. If you need rest take it, don't be in a rush to get where you want. Eat 3 good meals with protein, carbs and good fats. Drink at least 3 litres of water of day. You don't need sports supplement, however if you really have to take sports supplements then drink a choc milk drink immediately after you train (look it up on PubMed if in doubt).

This is not the be all and end all so feel free to change anything.

Good luck!
Jimbo, might see you there in September mate :wink:

Your doing more training than me at the minute. Im going to start running every morning next month but I am already going to gym now to build my strength etc.

Get some weight on you back, find a big fcuk off hill and get up and down it fast, but without trying to run it. There are a lot of fast toned skinny freaks out there, but they're fcuked on hill work! If you live near a beach, same thing in sand, fast, but not running! Builds stamina like blondes build hardons in you! PLEASE DO bear in mind the advice about age growing and over doing it.

Good luck!
yeah mate, can't wait to get there.

what regt you going for?

Speaking from past experience i wouldnt recommend running every day as that can be quite hard to keep going, and I've been told a days rest between exercise is a good thing to do to allow the body to recover and gain strength. Up to you though mate.
FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
PLEASE DO bear in mind the advice about age growing and over doing it.
And don't worry about carrying weight yet You have got Harrowgate and arm training before you do the Commando course. Advising a 16 year old to train like that before Harrowgate is plain stupid.
Jimbo, cheers for the advice will take a couple of rest days a week :wink:

Im looking forward to it but will be more nervous nearer the time. And I'm going in for the Paras mate.


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