Fit enough?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Loves2Fist, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi, im just about to join the Parachute Regiment and would like to know if my
    fitness regime at home will see me though training?

    Im currently doing the following every day!

    1. 14 sit-ups
    2. 6 knees to chest
    3. 4 burpees
    4. And a squat thrust.

    And once a week i like to run around half a mile in just over 12 minutes.

    Ive also been told that i can expect a lot of banter, what does this mean?
    And what does "come and put the final shine on this" mean?

    Thanks in advance...

    Soon to be warrior from the sky
  2. P*ss of Rarden_Reaper you troll bag. I can smell you from here.
  3. Have you considered plod?
  4. welcome dark lord mandelbum
    wifi working from your private hospital bed is it?
  5. Sorry, forgot to mention, i can also carry a 13 pound bergen
    up flight of stairs in our council flats.

    Do you think i should concentrate on doing more knees to
    chest, im just a little embarrassed, as i have to do all my
    fitness on our communal gardens. At the moment, as im
    sure you all understand, money is tight. So my only gear
    is a pair of my dads cycling shorts, a muscle vest and my
    Grandads WW2 putties.
  6. I call wah and collect my £5. TAXI!
  7. You are Mike Golden and I claim my 5 Groats
  8. Its seems when people mention the para,s around here, they get very
    upsetting and nasty comments made, my mum has told me not to bother
    with you (her words) bayonet strokers, whatever that means. She said
    your just jealous, because you cant do as many squats as me.

    Im going to tell my Platoon Sergeant when i get into the Fearless Angel
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    O2 tag and bag.

    Bin this fcuker.
  10. This bloke is the famous Rarden_Reaper, super crap internet bully, liked trying to worry parents in the joining up thread, no tours, civvy part time fitness instructor at a Milton Keynes Community College (his last name is f*cking tremendous !) and was dismissed from service as a retained firefighter (oops), sent me a PM many moons ago asking about my opinions on him joining back up and going Royal and whether I thought age was a factor in arduos applications !? :D :D I f*cking love him !!
  11. Ive just spoke to my uncle Chad (who,s from America) he said not to bover with the rubbish brit army.
    So im going to America to join Delta Force or the Seals. He said we get to blow s**t up and stuff.
    So you better watch yourselves when i pass basic training in delta seals!!

    He also said that if you say anything bad, he,ll come across and open a can
    of whoop ass on all the forum, especially you remfi. I know he can, because my mum once showed me a photo of him fighting a bear!
  12. I second the above, send this pile of shiit thread to the ARRSE Hole where it belongs.