Fit enough for 299 Para??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by olleyuk, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking at going back into the TA. One of my options is 299 Para RE in Hull. With the obstacle of P Company to negotiate i was wondering if my current base fitness will be enough.

    1.5 mile run 9min 2sec
    2 minute press-ups 85
    2 minute sit-ups 90
    Pull ups 2 (i have very heavy legs!!! :D )

    I also concentrate on long runs at weekend carrying 15+ kilos. I do between 10 and 13 miles both on path and x country.

    I know this is comfortable for most TA units but is it enough for the gruelling training the Paras do?

  2. I would say your not far off, apart from pull-ups bear in mind you do circuits in the gym on P-Company and if you sacked it after two pull-ups you could be looked on for skiving so just work on that. see if you can take 15sec's off your BFT time to be comfortable, what age are you?
  3. 38 (owld git!!)
  4. You have a pretty good standard of fitness by those figures, you do not do circuit sessions on TA PPS. Ring the PSI at 299 and join their recruit cadre, they'll judge your suitability for course loading onto P Coy.

    Alternatively you could man up and join 4 PARA in Pudsey/St. Helens. :D
  5. you have a very good standard for a 38year old then. you probably wont be able to shave 15secs off you BFT, just do more pull ups then.
  6. that would be a cool move - it's just a bit far away for Tuesday nights? 120 mile round trip. Is 4 Para worth that drive mate?
  7. i do take pride in burning off whipper snappers :eek:
  8. I drive that far for a lot less that the paras

  9. 38 :eek: ?, I think you may be past the idea,the only jump you'll be getting is at the back of the water tower 8)
  10. yeah nice one
  11. 8) they were 8)
  12. It depends. If you want to infanteer and be airborne then 120miles is worth it. 4 Para are a strong unit and are still going from strength to strength despite the TA cutbacks.

    If you are looking to be an engineer and be airborne then 299 are also a strong unit.

    With times like those posted you will be in great shape to start the course. Either unit will get you fit to attend PPS. Just consider what role you want to do. You'll spend a lot more time being an engineer/infanteer than you will parachuting.
  13. Quite a few blokes drive further! You will obviously be paid for your travel so its not like it'll cost you any more financially. As Fraudstar says, its a strong unit with serious focus at the minute as we're on PDT for H13.
  14. Defo sounds like a great option. I'm looking for a unit that is totally professional, supportive and committed. The money isn't so much the issue more the time. I often work longish hours which would make the dash across the Leeds tough. I'll be having a chat with The Duchess and see where i am with her.

    Thanks for the info - it's always best to get it from the people in the know
  15. The Pudsey Paras are cool :soldier: