Fit Demigod v Fat Munter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAARPS, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. Soldier A the Demigod

  2. Soldier B the Fat Munter

  3. Tuesday Half past 3

  1. So a hypothetical question. Please choose one (no modification of the individual just one of the choices below):

    Soldier A: Fit, keen, enthusiastic. Passes his fitness tests with ease, lean and good looking, popular throughout the Regt. Thicker than a whale omelette and completely useless with any form of IT. Tries amazingly hard, yet every time he is left to his own devices it takes the best part of the rest of the week for someone to redo (undo) what he has done.

    Soldier B: Overweight, struggles on all fitness, bit of a munter. She has some sort of unspecified back/knee problem that no one can get to the bottom off, however, she is able to deploy and has served as a storeman in BSN/KAF in the recent past (receiving a very good Op insert). She has superb organisational skills, very methodical and (unlike 90% of the army) actually understands and can utilise UNICOM Q.

    At this point I must stress I am not implying that all fit soldiers are thick and that all fat soldiers are brilliant at their job (before anyone jumps on that bandwagon).

    You, as the boss have a busy account that requires managing, maybe a high moving Expense/USA account or a clothing account prior to a Regt deployment (with all the Black bag Task issues). You are also going to receive your LSI a few months down the line and after last years amber there is a bit of pressure to ensure there is an improvement.

    Now in the perfect cyber world of ARRSE, all our soldiers will be Soldier C: ‘Uber’ fit and perfectly capable at their job. Every man/woman a warrior who is perfect at everything (I seem to be describing several members of the site). However, in reality those individuals are few and far between and the individuals I have described above actually exist.

    So would you stand by your principles, only employ soldier A and look to get soldier B discharged (hoping for a soldier C to be posted in as a replacement), therefore increasing your personal workload and risking an external agency finding fault with the Regiment on inspection. Or would you swallow your pride and accept that soldier B is going to do the better job for you. Which individual would you employ in the Job?

    I await the answer with baited breath :-D:-D
  2. B - because fitness isn't the be all and end all of soldiering, how ever you haven't stated whether she can pass her fitness tests.
    If she could pass her tests but she struggles with unit PT then perhaps some sort of remedial training is in order though this would depends on the MO/Physio and PTIs regarding her injuries and how they would impact on a remedial program.

    If she couldn't pass her tests then remedial PT would be a must and if she is unable to pass then discharge would be the next step as it should be for any soldier who can't pass their fitness tests, but whether this would be medical or administrative would be a matter for the med center to work out.
  3. BUT no matter how good Soldier B is she will not promoted, well certainly within the RE that was the case.

    At Puzzle Palace in Glasgow .... LE = waster.

    Personally for me i would rather have Soldier B.
  4. CAARPS - I would use B. While ensuring her med category was looked at v hard with a view to getting her back to fitness.
  5. She would be one of those who fails constantly up to the point of ‘last chance’ then passes, cycle to be repeated endlessly.

    To be Honest, I didn’t think that deeply about it :-D:-D
  6. which would you rather CAARPS, someone that knows their trade inside out or someone that can do a sub 6min BFT but is feck all use for anything else????
  7. Then I'll stick with the second part of my answer.
  8. Will B give you any sort of favours?
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  9. Soldier B - he/she can get fitter and still be good at the job. Soldier A never will.
    Unfortunately as Knocker says, sometimes too many folk look at fitness as being the be all and end all. It happened when i was a Sapper, it is starting to happen in the MPGS.
  10. Well if you’re asking I would take B every day of the week without hesitation.

    It’s all about horses for courses for me. If I need a person to bayonet the enemy, I want a fit, lean, slightly psychotic steely eyed dealer of death. If I need someone who can press CTR+F9 correctly to ensure the boys above get all that they require and they are able to carry out that function in Bks and in BSN. I really don’t care if they have a slightly large FUPA.

    I am prepared to take the flack of the CofC about their fitness if they are carrying out their primary function

    Ooooooohh, how controversial is that :-D:-D
  11. You realise this arguement is going to go all pear shaped once our resident para brothers find the thread? As of course being superbly fit but thick as 10 short planks go hand in hand in the Parachute Regiment.

    Now please excuse me as I enter myself into the witness protection program. ;)
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  12. The army should have learnt long ago that its fit for purpose and not fit to run around at speed that matters.
    Lets be honest, how physically fit does soldier B need to be to perform her function perfectly well?
  13. Would take B whist looking at her medical aspect with a fine tooth comb.

    If it is possible to keep both I would pair up A and B to see if they cannot teach each other different aspects of fitness and organisation and see if some starts to stick.

    Failing that introduce another soldier, soldier D to the the mix who is an all round avergae squaddie who Ideally excels in a role that soldier A would be more suited to and also shows potential in Soldier B's role. Get soldier B to tutor soldier D on the organisation side and Soldier D to tutor soldier A in a better suited role whist soldier A tutors soldier B in fitness.

    The aim being to train up soldier D to at least a semi proficient level in Soldiers B role in case she inevitably does get booted/ Has to take off an extended period of time because of Injury. There is someone there to cover. Granted you will have to increase youir own workload but not as much as you would if soldier A is thrust into the breech.

    Soldier A meanwhile is being trainined up in a role he is much more suited to do, and whist this is in process you can assess other aspects of A,B,D ands other areas they are improving/excelling in.

    Of course this is an ideal situation and mind you I am a civvie so feel free to dismiss the above as complete crap.
  14. I am expecting the most vigorous tubthumping to come from the other end of the spectrum ^_~
  15. You lost me after “Would Take” :-D:-D