Fit birds in uniform


That surely is as good as it gets.
While any of the pairs would be an adventure of a lifetime (and also sound very much like the start of a not-at-all-made-up Readers Letter in Fiesta “I just had to write and tell you about the time…”), it is this last two that have the “we are going to siphon every last ounce of liquid from your body, leaving you a dried quivering husk and begging for mercy until you can take no more. And then we will do it again.” look about them.

Sorry, back in a bit….


Commando Comic rules upon enemy dying:-
Jerry goes “ACH!!!!”
Ities …..I surrender… you got a sister?
The Germans always struck me as very religious with their
"Mein Gott" and "Gott im Himmel"

I always thought "Himmel" was something to do with Himmler or Hitler.. how wrong can you be?
Left to right read the names on their hats.


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You seem well informed, a course you have attended?

He was probably voluntary, unpaid, DS.

Judging by the third picture it was a backdoor job, sans lubricant.

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