Fit birds in uniform

There are a couple of sequential photographs missing.

And what was the purpose of these ladies doing this ?

Sorry ..... There are a couple of sequential pho
+me2 :?


Not black catting, but if any on here are familiar with the Rapier B2 generator, we had a young gunner running down the compound trying to "bump start" it dragging back up then trying again, stood inside the handle arm, running with his finger on the start button. Cruel, yes , fcuking hilarious to watch, check. :D

ETA you would probably get a right rifting for doing stuff like that now.
I'm familiar with said gene, lol


Not the most flattering of shots...





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A visit to 1 REC by members of the IHEDN* resulted in some distraction for the Legion's cavalrymen:
The oke on the right is looking her square in the...
eyes ?

She is so disappointed that she missed the bus

She is so disappointed that she missed the bus
There is a collection of photos of Angela Duncan (aka Trudy Scott) on a photography appreciation site. They call themselves a club and spell camera with a K. It's not a grot site but because there is some nudity that would be in breach of ARRSE posting rules, I cannot post any links. There are also some Vintage Erotica Forum s. Apparently.
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Aye her and the bloody rest of them. Anyway, us medics never had to wait for a bus load.......we were already there ;):)
I had the pleasure of being in The Queen Elizabeth hospital in Woolwich in 1968 and then on to RAF Chessington for rehab and the nurse's were very nice and sometimes more than nice to help in my rehab ;)