Fit birds in uniform

I'm less than convinced they are all genetically female. Although I'll grant you they probably all identify as such. Just saying...
Phwooooarrr! That's a hefty gel. One for the @Scaley Albereto thread I think.

RAF Aircraftsman.JPG
And here is an ex copper whose made s fortune.... gamekeeper turned poacher

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How is that gamekeeper turned poacher? Is making soft porn illegal? Is underwear 'model' the opposite of being a police dog strangler?
Sorry , did not mean to edit your post. just a response to the bloater!
Doing some cut and paste oh and maybe a bit of Lagavuilin , I think the letters look straight to all is well shaboooley :p


War Hero
Military Medical Academy.

I haven't been paying attention for a while, is it normal these days for them to get the old Soviet banners out again at this kind of do? For quite some time you didn't see them at all...

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