Fit birds in uniform

That Kurdish unit needs to add a rainbow to their cap badge. So the Jihadis will think they have been killed by a homosexual, and won't go to heaven.
So the fact that (If I know Johnny a-rab) the jihadis would bum you to within an inch of your life, and then kill you. But they are so anti homosexual. What's all that about? :scratch:
This picture, where’s the CCF TRF?

All I can see is 51Bde...
and as an aside the CF TRFs, for the want of a better word, didn’t appear until after the CF went into MTP...
I was thinking this morning when I saw Albertous Juniors mtp jacket hanging up "ffs for how long have you been in the CCF?"
Look there’s over 800 pages so apologies if this has been posted before ...
Gotta love a Norgie!....
Ha ha yeah ....oh well big oops......I’m old and getting senile!....

‘Every one is allowed a mistake’..... said the Dalek getting off the dustbin!…
To be fair up until the 19th century Sweden had been Norwegian on and off for quite a few hundred years.
In turn Sweden had occupied parts of north eastern Germany around 1600 ish.
Quite happy to occupy some of those parts. Just let me know where and when... :D
Cushty ...... making mistakes gets results

when I was ‘in’ (80’s) the only women where WRAC’s and QARNC’s and where munters or wore comfortable shoes ...;);)

how times change, then again it’s all changed, for the better or worse? Easier or harder...‍ answers on a post card ( like a text but sent via snail mail!)
Found in an article relating to the M1 Garand as supplied to the Shah of Irans forces.
Forgot to mention that although the birds on the left of the top picture and the one in picture no 2 look fit, this was sometime mid 60s, so they are now old enough to make Angela Merkel look young. :sad:
As an aside the Shah was very much intent on getting women into the army and getting equal rights for them.


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