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Fit birds in uniform

Lifted from loofkars link on Visit to an Israeli boneyrd:

I have since been informed that the young lady above is an instructor. Why didn't I have any instructors like that at Swinditz, Shawbury or North Luffenham? All I had was hairy arrsed left overs from WWII.
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I was unaware of the Lotta Svard, an interesting read, although not too many fit birds.

"Probably the most important, and at times controversial, insignia for the organization was Lotta-pin designed by Eric Vasstrom and introduced in 1922. The main motif of the pin was a blue “hakaristi” (Finnish variation of swastika) and with a heraldic rose in every corner. The probability of confusion increased greatly after the national-socialists gained power in Germany. The grey uniform-like clothing with a pin that had a swastika-like symbol caused foreigners to sometimes mistakenly think Lottas were connected with the German nazi-party."

A few ancient pictures from MPA, hidden away in a shed in one corner of the airfield were a Pucara ground attack aircraft and a Huey. Apologies in advance for the less than optimal picture quality.
Excellent . . . but, WHY are they in this thread ?! ;) .


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