Fit birds in uniform

OY. It’s Ukraine, not the Ukraine.

Not that I’m touchy about it, no siree, not at all.........:)
I'll get my representative onto that straight away. She does all my apologising, as she's so good at it.

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A newly qualified female "Moniteur parachutiste". There are a few around but they are not that numerous. It means she can now train and dispatch static line paratroopers and that she his herself free fall qualified.


Lets all dress up in camo and paint our faces a bit.

Nope, this is definitely not ally
Not the warriest (I am an old git and these new-fangled wordigans confuse) camming-up but I am beginning to fancy the lass second on the left.

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No it's OK, once she has finished dusting the hydraulics she will be hanging the air freshener behind the internal mirror and will be giving the windscreen a wipe.
Allegedly, and some others may confirm, when the first female Nimrod navigator arrived on the sqn they were crewing in for a flight. The routine navs desk on a Nimrod has a big flat surface for their maps (there used to be a projected position marker above the desk that would shine on the maps, presumably to show the nav how far the aircraft thought they were from the nav calculated position...).

Allegedly this female navigator arrived at her position one time to find it had been set out like a dressing table, big mirror and lots of bottles of flowery smelling stuff....

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