Fit birds in uniform

She’s about 50 and has one medal, common for some of the more deployment-phobic elements of HMF, how does that compare in FRA?
She was just awarded this medal on the picture, so as normal when receiving a decoration, she is not wearing any other.
Depending on where one is serving, I would say that on average, French service personnel with 10-15 years of service tend to have between 6 and 10 medals.
My (very minor) Sarajevo scalp wound was sewed up by similarly clad lasses, at the facility in the basement of the PTT.

I distinctly recall thinking at the time that I ought to write to the uniform designers, and congratulate them for a practical and well-fitting design. . . .

. . . that, unlike the Brit equivalent, didn't make all but the most masculine-framed lady soldier look like a split sack of taters tied loosely with cheap string.
I am afraid things have changed; it's baggy uniforms for everybody today, except of course the UBAS type shirts.

any one got pictures of the wrac who posed for readers wives or some such mag?
Roberta Platt-Higgins my faulty memory tells me.

A French soldier with Operation Barkhane working out at a military base in Niamey.
From the press today:

Some country has had a Nazi takeover and their Krystalnacht has begun.
You'd think the star of David flag on their uniform shoulder patches might give a clue, the strict orthodox think they can do what they want as the government of Israel is illegitimate as it can only exist when the messiah comes.

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