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Back on thread - not sure if posted before - but I'm sure that you're all keen to see the new Danish multi-cam on parade...
The dark haired bint doesn't look too happy, is it because she's standing next to a bird who actually has some tits?
Single women's rule number one, always have a mate who's uglier than you.
I would like to add that she is the usual suspect in any given circle of women, who takes great delight in being a cock blocker on a night out. If a man and her decent looking friend make it to dating status then she is guaranteed to invent non existent BS arguments to disrupt her friends happiness because she cares too much and is in no way jealous
If I remember, didn't most of the European military during the 70s, allow long hair! But on parade had to have a hair net on.
Dutch and German conscripts were certainly allowed to have long hair, not sure about the hair nets but it sounds feasible. The Dutch that we worked with in Bosnia were all regulars. One of their lads told us that conscripts did not deploy because they couldn't be trusted.

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