Fit birds in uniform

SHE came up in the add`s on faceache , selling the outfit (not that I was looking for womens ringmaster outfits)

Hmm.. whatever turns you on, doesn't do it for me though.
Shabbat Shalom!

Nice piccy and I like the title at bottom (!) left. However she loses smartie points for closing one eye when aiming. All right she's Int Corp so excused.
To be pedantic, she may not have a dominant eye making it necessary to close one eye?

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I have a dominant eye and keep both open, in fact most people have a dominant eye but don't always notice it.
I'm afraid I might have written the post badly, I meant if she doesn't have a dominant eye.

I don't and cannot shoot with both eyes open as I see two sets of iron sights or with holographic the dot appears and disappears at random.

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