Fit birds in uniform

What the Hell? Do you know the background story to the photograph?
Well. it was equestrian a few posts before. The The person.(gender unidentifiable) was in uniform. and looked quiet animated in a personal sort of way....:oops: No.Seriously I think it was some Irish plod got'Assaulted' by an over amorous pikey horse,while trying to clear a gathering of pikey horse botherers. Nothing to see here folks.Move on please....;)


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Random Norweigan goodness.

Whoever that poor PC is getting butt-fucked by that horse, I'm sure he had to retire, move to a new country, change his name, grow a moustache, change his hair colour, wear lifts in his shoes, live in the forest off of the grid, shut down his email and FB accounts, throw away his cell phone, wear a girdle, leave his family, fake his own death and get buried at sea, because he's going to forever be known as the guy who got fucked by a horse.
Or "Dave", as we call him here.

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