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Thread drift but it's always puzzled me why there isn't a railway line down to Eilat. It would be so useful for imports/exports. The topography between there and Beersheva I suppose, although I note there seem to be a line to Dimona and a couple of places slightly further south.
There used to be one, quite some time ago, until this lad blew it up...

Topic for another thread perhaps,

On September 27, after coming upon the village of Tafas, where the fleeing Turks had massacred many residents, Lawrence ordered his men to give “no quarter.” Throughout that day, the rebels picked apart a retreating column of 4,000, slaughtering all they found, but as Lawrence doubled back that afternoon, he discovered one unit had missed the command and taken 250 Turks and Germans captive. “We turned our Hotchkiss [machine gun] on the prisoners,” he noted in his battlefield report, “and made an end of them.” Lawrence was even more explicit about his actions that day in Seven Pillars. “In a madness born of the horror of Tafas we killed and killed, even blowing in the heads of the fallen and of the animals, as though their death and running blood could slake our agony.”
The True Story of Lawrence of Arabia | Page 4 | History | Smithsonian

I have learned to tone down my admiration for El-Orance whilst in the region, opinions vary!
That was so long ago that it should have been possible to build a rail link to Vladivostok since then.
In the ME? Unless somebody does it for them sod all gets done!


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In the ME? Unless somebody does it for them sod all gets done!
Now I have certainly found this to be true...

Do not try to do too much with your own hands. Better the Arabs do it tolerably than that you do it perfectly. It is their war, and you are to help them, not to win it for them. Actually, also, under the very odd conditions of Arabia, your practical work will not be as good as, perhaps, you think it is
The Arab Bulletin
TE Lawrence, 20 August 1917
And now back to IDF totty, if you will maestro @loofkar

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