Fit birds in uniform

That's the badge of "The School of Infantry", a central NCO training unit for all the infantry brigades. The 5 colours are those of the 5 brigades of the standing army - Givati, Paratroops, Golani, Nahal and Kfir (the camo stripe at the bottom). AFAIK only the command, echelons and instructors actually wear the badge. The trainees retain their own. Now you mention it.... It does indeed look pants.
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The sword looks suspiciously like a Roman Spatha, or did the Israelis in ancient times copy or modify the Roman sword?
Because they were men. Artists of Persian Theatre, who were played women's roles.
Persian laws didn't allowed mixed theatre groups.

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Although I like the picture, I would have to pull the artist up on one point; everyone knows there is no such thing as an open bar of's either unopened or empty. Schoolboy error! :wink:
Oh, I dunno. According to the caption this is a medic serving with the Bundeswehr...

Either way, form an orderly* queue for my sloppy seconds.

* Heh heh...
Looks more like a couple of countries east or south east of Germany judging by the camouflage and the AKSU74 behind her.

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