Fit birds in uniform

The rampant proliferation of selfie taking makes me wonder about IDF policy on geotagging.

I bet they're the only army in the world where INFOSEC is directed against stalking by drooling perverts.
I think it's called swarm tactics. There are so many targets that the predators or pervs don't know where to turn.
They don't really get the concept of beret shaping,do they?
Loofkar,arrse's Israeli correspondent,has explained some of their uniform idiosyncrasies.
Most of them don't really get the concept of berets at all. It's rooted in the culture and the casual style of dress (formal style barely exists). Cheers for the title BTW, what are the pay and conditions?
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........if I may draw the court's attention to Gay-Boys in Bondage Vol 3.......and 5........and 11, Him-to-her Summer edition 1982......

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