Fit birds in uniform

At the risk of thread drift, I thought it might have been a home produced version of the US, Rapid Rack device, which can be used to cock the weapon and is then ejected and falls to the ground. I suppose retaining on a cord means it's less likely to get lost or covered in sand.
I think we established earlier in the thread that it is a simple device to indicate a round isn't chambered, thus:-

Chamber Safety Flags - Brownells UK
Top two piccies, all is now clear TVM.
Bottom piccy, whyfore the scissors next to what appears to be an identity card? Is someone about to celebrate return to civilisation?
Precisely - after 2 + 5 years as a regular she's about to cut up her card.
Precisely - after 2 + 5 years as a regular she's about to cut up her card.
Can you do us a favour please? Post some more of your epic photos of amazingly fit Israeli girls, and allow Dirligaf and Stan to obsess about breech blocking mechanisms elsewhere?

Thank You

Age 40-and-a-bit
I reckon he's either a recruiter, unlikely, or he works for the Israeli Tourist Board or some such body, if it's the latter then he's doing a much better job than those responsible for the ads for Israel on TV here.
If only the Russian trolls would do likewise, much better they flooded the boards with totty than trying to convince us they don't use Novichok etc

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