Fit birds in uniform


Any of her in PT kit?

Asking for a friend, obviously.

Tie me down.

Carol Vorderman Live-TV.jpg
Lots of pictures of this lady but who is she???
She co-hosted a daytime quiz for geeks, nerds and others on the spectrum involving maths and letters.

It is probably a covert recruitment effort for GCHQ.

Occasionally it ended up with rude words, which everyone liked because we all reckon she is dirty dirty filthy.

Anyway, I do like educated and adventurous.

Apologies for ruining your wanking sessions but I think theres a cock in there .....
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You just caught her on the "and relax" of her Kegel routine.

Anyway, if you want to take yourself out of the running (you wooftah), That's fine by me.

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