Fit birds in uniform

Which IDF did you look at? Our local one is chokka with non-jews, particularly Druze and 2nd-gen former Soviet bloc.
Do they have any vacancies for over the hill Sappers expert at brew making at wolf whistling at birds ?


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Imagine the clamoring in the IDF to be posted to depot to get these fresh and impressionable.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk what you're saying loofkar is

All volunteer Army = Moose and Bull Dykes
Conscript Army = Hot chicks

So when are we enabling the National Service act?
I assume you are referring to a national service act that only drafts the nation's 18-year old females and over 50 males? Otherwise how is it going to help Arrsers?
Well I have to spell everything out? And over 50s with LS&GCs, there has to be some reward for all that undetected crime


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I believe, after perusing @loofkar 's interesting photos, that the vehicle shown below would be in great demand by DS throughout the IDF.



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Looks like an induction coil. 30 minutes and she'll be good to go.
If it takes that long to get it warmed up and going I don't think I would have bothered.

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