Fit apache pilot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spad, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Just saw Maam :)

    well if you want to slum it message me :D

  2. Really? She's got a right odd look on her face, looks like she's a bit 'special' if you ask me. Plus she's a pilot so she'll only be interested in talking about herself.
  3. Sorry. Where does "talking" fit in to what was being proposed?
  4. I agree she as the "silence of the lambs" look about her but then thats no reason not to is it?
  5. I think your proposal has already been preempted. See the instruction in the top right of the photo. ;)
  6. She looks better from behind, but I'd still giver her a portion.
  7. Might smash her doors in but she is not all that. There was a much sluttier one on here not so long ago!
  8. she can cook up a flight for me
  9. Her nose is bigger than her boots !! No thanks.
  10. Whoa there fellas! WTF is going on! Female Apache pilots!? The next thing you'll be saying is that birds can get the vote.
  11. I thought you meant this Capt Gordon
    Army Advocate
    Lawyer and Captain Joanne Gordon '02 provides legal assistance for soldiers before they go and after they return from war.

    By Cara Jepsen '86

    While serving in the Army's legal department at Fort Bliss, Texas, Captain Joanne Gordon '02 sometimes rappels off 40-foot-towers. "Not every lawyer can do that," she says. (Photo courtesy of Joanne Gordon '02)

    On a typical day, U.S. Army Captain Joanne Gordon ’02 awakens at 5 a.m. and arrives at work by 6:15 a.m., where she exercises for an hour with other attorneys in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps [JAG Corps] stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. Then she showers, eats breakfast, and is at her desk from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or later — advising soldiers and their family members on everything from landlord-tenant disputes to estate planning.

    “Every morning I wake up and I’m excited to go to work — even days I don’t want to get out of bed,” says the 26-year-old attorney, who grew up in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. “It’s a great experience to be in an office environment where I’m seeing clients and it feels like a general practice and then to walk outside [and be on an army base]. I was driving to work the other morning and two stealth bombers just screamed overhead, and I just about drove off the road.”
  12. Correct linky. Given the choice (which I wouldn't be), I'd probably get rejected by the Brit!
  13. Lets hope no one calls her a "whoopsy" or "lipstick" or watches porn in front of her.She could hurt someone with her chopper.
  14. I would!!! She could even leave the shades on or rappel off the wardrobe as well if she liked.