**** fistula

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by BratMedic, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. My son-in-law (currently serving R Sigs) has an **** fistula that's been giving him problems for 18 months. He's been medically downgraded. He's just been seen by a civvy consultant who says he can operate but there is a possibility of incontinence as a result, he has been seen previously and the doctor stated that it was like a labyrinth. This is not my area of expertise. He does not know whether to go for a medical discharge or what. Any advice please?
  2. I bet that woke Jarrod up! I misread it as **** ******* myself.......
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  3. Does he do this on your living room rug?

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  4. TENA .
  5. I've just ordered a 4 Tonner full of popcorn......
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  6. I hope to god the son-in-law is on ARRSE and finds this thread :)
  7. I checked and this is not the NAFFI so. Tell him to get it fixed and to not worry if he is looking for an out then its as good a reason as any I suppose though I cannot see why he has not just be referred and had it repaired its quite common. The consultant has to give the worst case scenario to cover his arse (see what I did there) .

    My own son has had to have this procedure and it was a very quick op and a about a week to recover as the wound has to heal from the inside out to prevent it reoccurring.

    Anyone who has not picked up an embarrassing injury or medical problem at any time is simply not trying in my opinion. Plus he will have a great dit to tell over, I dont know, Christmas dinner, having a curry with the lads. Auntie Junes wedding anniversary meal. their are million inappropriate places to tell the story of the fistula removal, and as it is a medical problem people will have to listen.

    Wish i had one myself now

    The lad has been putting up with this 18 months ? he must have been really uncomfortable to say the least.
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  8. Perhaps your daughter should buy a smaller calibre strap-on.
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  9. No worries, I'll be making sure he sees all replies, witty and serious!
  10. Transfer to R Sore?
  11. He has already had it repaired twice but it just keeps coming back. A few more serious replies would be welcome here.
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  12. Should do the trick.

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  13. Cheers for that Mac.
  14. That looks like the thing that caused the problem in the first place.